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Where can I get Dunks?

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Repeat question? Where can I find these things? I think I might be confused about their nature. They're still made right? Besides that, are they all hightops? I guess I'm looking for high top dunks, I can't seem to find them. Any help?
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Do you want super-limited expensive-ass ones? If so, http://www.vintagekicks.com and http://www.pickyourshoes.com are your best bet. http://www.skateparkoftampa.com sells Nike SB dunks online also. http://www.cmonwealth.com also has a good assortment, including super-expensive ones and reasonably-priced ones.
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There are two types of "Dunks" that Nike makes. One being General Releases, which are just generic and are sold at any store that sells lots of nikes, they still come out with new colors and re-release old ones. The second are called SB's standing for Skateboarding, these are usually hyped up by sneaker collectors and others and go for big bucks. Its sad really because these shoes are meant to be skated in and because of the demand resellers buy out all the skate shops and then flip em on ebay. Skateboard shops with Nike SB accounts are the only place where you can purchase them and they are supposed to retail for 75$ but generally go for over 125$ and thats just at the shops, check out ebay, but beware of fakes.
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Go to Jounrey's, that shoe store that is located in various malls across the country. There was rumors going around that they were going to start to carry basic Dunks a few months back. The last time I was in a mall, I stopped in to see if the rumor was true, sure enough, it was. They have the basic white on white and I think they had a few different colorways, but nothing like the SB line has. Also, if your willing to splurge, Urban Outfitters has a few differnet dunks.
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Thank you that's very helpful. I have a journey's here close, I'll go check that out.
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