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Dumb Windows Question

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Is there a way to copy multiple files with the same name and extension into a single directory and have Windows append that lovely (2), (3), (4), &c to the filenames in the way it seems to spontaneously do sometimes? I dunno how. After twenty files or so, renaming them individually just that have them in the same subdir is te-di-ous.

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I use a program called ACDSee to organize and edit pictures and other files. It used to have this feature, but doesn't in the newer versions I've gotten. It would ask you if you wanted to replace or rename, and would autofill the next sequential number for you. Now it doesn't suggest a new filename, which is beyond irritating if you are trying to put a bunch of files in the same dir. If you could find an old version of that, it can do it.

All the versions, though, have the ability to batch rename files. So you could name them random names, move them all into the same dir., sort by date and batch rename them with a sequential filename like file0001... this would most likely accomplish the same thing.

Now, if you wanted to be old school, you could write a DOS batch file that would do this, but I can't remember how you would do it exactly. If you go back in time to when I was 12, I could do it for you.
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ACDSee, yeah I remember reading about that when I used to post on DPreview. Annoying when old features get dropped; probably ought to pick it up when I start taking pictures again. Ahhh, good old DOS. Still have my 6.0 manual on my desk shelf. Used to use copycon to write batch files right in the I miss being a moderately knowledgeable geek. Might actually give that a shot, for old times sake. Thanks, Huntsman
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Cool tip, I just tried it and it worked. I don't know if it will apply to his situation, though, because he has a bunch of files with the same name.ext, so they aren't all in the same folder right now, and can't be without some renaming.

I wonder if you can Shift-move or Ctrl-move them or something....
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I have the sense that there is only one of these files in each folder, and that the only automated solution available would be a program, script or batch file that can search directories for the required filename, then rename and move to target directory.

I used to know how to do that in C.
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DarkNWorn: That IS a neat tip. Thanks. Tang: Yeah, it's a group of files in a directory with specific set of names (1.doc, 2.doc, 3.doc, &c) and that set is duplicated in multiple directories (adir, bdir, cdir, &c) and I wanted it all in one. I actually wound up doing it from the command prompt, pivoting off of j's batch file suggestion. In the appropriate subdirectory, enter the command ren *.doc adir_*.doc and voila -- each document in the subdir now has the name of the subdir and an underscore appended to the front of the filename. Since all the subdirs have the same root one level up, I move them from DOS as well move *.doc ... That....was fun. Regards, Huntsman
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DOS may not have been much of an OS, but it had/has some nice, simple file management options. Well done.
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