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Are all MTM suit processes the same?

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I just ordered my first MTM suit. I was impressed, but wondered if my experience would be the same no matter where.

1st: They had a number of "model" suits for me to try one. Differing armholes, cuts, etc. When we found the cut that felt the most comfortable, both in coat and pants, we started taking measurements.

2nd: Pants measures: front waist to floor, back waist to floor, thigh diameter, knee diameter, foot length, rise, waist, hips. I got to pick pleat style/number, front pocket style, rear pocket style, and confirmed leg opening size. I went by the Flusser book for a timeless design.

3rd: Jacket: shoulders, chest, sleeve, waist.

Then we did things I never thought of: Measured my forward neck position, right, left shoulder slope, and back of neck around and down the lapel to where I wanted the top button to lie.

FInally, I got to determine detailing: working buttons, button flaps on top inside jacket pockets, lining (can't recall name - but the best). I picked double vents.

I'm very hopeful about the process, and felt it was very detailed. Was my experience good, great, or just average?

Thanks all!
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Sounds like the Oxxford treatment.

In terms of some of the measurements taken, that is more extensive than other MTM operations I have seen.

With most MTM garments, you can select a similar range of options. The number of available jacket models will, however, vary greatly.
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I was really impressed. I basically got to design my own suit. The model that felt the most comfortable happened to be a 3-button, but I'm having it made as a 2-button. I got to specify exactly where the top button was placed, and to define where the lapel rolled to.

We did things like measure shoulders, yet the final say on shoulder width was based on how I wanted it to look in the mirror. i.e. start with a suit cut 21" across the shoulders and start pulling it in until I was satisfied with the shoulder breadth. Waist suppression, etc was also based on my preference.

In total, I can't imagine any decisions that could be made that I didn't get to pick. Now I just have to wait and see if the end product matches the process.
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Jmatt- whom did you use for this suit?
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I'm in Indianapolis. Place is called King's Image (Owner named King).
I've heard mixed reviews, so I can't really say if my experience will be great or not until I post some pictures here in a month.
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