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I've got two new John Varvatos frames for sale. Both are tortoise color, made in Japan, and pretty damn nice. They're plastic frames with metal accents on the hinges and the tips of the legs. They both retail online for about $200. I'm asking for $100 shipped for each. Paypal: sejin [at] pf84 [dot] com.

First up is V310.

Lens length: 56mm
Bridge length: 17mm
Leg length: 135mm
Front total length: ~138mm


Next is V308.

Lens length: 54mm
Bridge length: 17mm
Leg length: 140mm
Front total length: ~135mm


Here's what the color looks like:

From far away they look black, and only the parts that are really hit with light show a marbled tortoise color.

If you're wondering where you can get prescription lenses for these, you can take them to a place like Lens Crafters and they'll make lenses to your prescription, or use an online place like or