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Sneakers/trainers/casual shoes

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Currently I'm wearing a pair of brown Campers as my casual shoe. They're a bit worn, so I need something new. Any suggestions? Comfort is a plus, since I do an unusual amount of walking. I'm open to anything, except for running shoes. They would not go with any of my clothes (I wear a navy overcoat most of the time).
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Do you like Diesel? I currently have 3 pairs of shoes from them. They don't last long but at least they are cheap.
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Take a look at the Ludwig Reiter trainers. They come in different colours and styles. Most of them have leather uppers and inner linings. Good for smart casual but not too casual attire.
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Look around for new designer sneakers- they're mostly inconspicuous enough to wear with anything, including a suit. I recommend the Varvatos or Marc Jacobs converses. Otherwise, I suggest looking at Puma's 48hr collection, which have great shoes for walking that look good. European Interloper
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I checked out the Ludwig Reiter "Joggers" on the website. They seem pretty cool. Anyone know how much they go for?
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european interloper, isn't it the puma 96? not puma 48? or am i missing another 'line' puma put out?
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