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On the Street in NYC....Eveningwear for Day

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More at The Sartorialist
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A very particular look - part Macaulay Culkin, part Edward Scissorhands. Ironically, the excessive formality only serves to play up his youth and the costumey nature of the ensemble. All in all, I kinda like it, but it is sooo self-conscious. While it is stylistically distinctive, it doesn't meet the 'natural extension of oneself' test, it is more 'I choose interesting clothes and let them do the talking'. Certainly that is a strategy that works, and it grabs attention. I know that the whole understated yadda-yadda gets excessive play with this group, and can lead to one being boring. And I know that in NYC it often feels like one needs to shout to be heard. But the question to ask is - am I going to get taken for someone who is using a gimmick, or for a truly distinctive and dashing individual?
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I think he looks great. It's nice to see guys wearing clothes that extend beyond the unofficial mantra of style that gets passed around on these kind of forae. His looks works with his choice in wardrobe and I'm betting that he is as particular about his clothing choices as someone who is more traditionally regarded as "well dressed". Just because they aren't *your* choices doesn't make it costumey or affected. After all, anyone who is "well dressed" is self conscious to a great degree. Otherwise there wouldnt be tons of threads asking how this shirt looks or how those shoes look with a suit etc etc.

btw, I really dig that scarf
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This is an example of metro sexuality, fashion club, and fashionista over being well dressed for business (me). If he likes it, it's fine by me. But I won't be seeing him at the next board meeting.
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Originally Posted by Soph
But I won't be seeing him at the next board meeting.

I'm pretty sure he doesnt want to be at your next board meeting. at least critique the guy in the context of *his* environment, not yours.
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metro sexuality

No offense, Soph, but I think that's way off. Or you have a v. different meaning for metrosexual than I. This guy's doing his own thing.

I do think there's an element of theatricality that would put me off, personally (as in, I probably have very little in common with this guy), but he seems to be pulling it off.

As for accessories, is that a black eye?
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that's not metrosexuality. he looks gay with a capital G.
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As I embark on my fifth or sixth childhood, I have picked up my stratocaster again and spend a little time most evenings rocking out (with my headphones plugged into my Peavey so as not to get evicted.)

Ray Davies sang about not wanting to spend his life living in a rock and roll fantasy, but I do want to spend this part of mine doing that.

Lately I've been wearing eyeliner and nailpolish to work. I am lucky enough to be able to do that in my job. No board meetings, hurray!

Some people give me weird (or disgusted) looks when I'm walking around the business district at lunchtime, but that's the point, isn't it.
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