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Originally Posted by Costanza View Post
That story adds the 'lost in translation' dimension to the run-of-the-mill human misunderstanding. If you wear a nice grey two-button suit with brown brogues to Hogrock you are going to get beat up, whether you respect others or not.

That would depend on what the two button suit and brogues looked like I guess, and besides, I'd like to see the poor bastard who has a go at doing the "beating up" - LoL
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If it bothers you at all start conservative and slowly introduce 1 suit at a time. If people start to notice just thank them and move on. If it bothers you that you are wearing a suit that costs more than your salary, just say either "it's vintage" or "it was a gift" or "my uncle is a master tailor"
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Since you just started this job, wear whatever you want so they are used to it from the beginning. No one will know what brands you are wearing as long as you don't name drop. Even if someone asked and recognized the name, so what? You can always say you bought it on Ebay for peanuts and they can only conclude you have good taste. Stop living in fear. This ain't communism..its Fascism so thrust your head back in roaring laughter and order the lobster for lunch. Spill sauce on your Brioni tie and wipe your mouth with it after and to hell with what people think.
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If one is dressing up and has quality clothing that is worn as a result of being a quality person who always does their best and works hard, good for them. On the other hand, if one is dressing up and has to have quality clothing in order to impress or to make others think they are better than they really are, then it is pretentious and obnoxious. I work in a business casual environment (dress slacks, dress shoes, long sleeve shirts, sport coats encouraged) and I never frown on someone that wears a suit and looks sharp. Some employees might tease a little bit, but management appreciates an effort to look nice and to look professional. In fact, all of senior management can be found in suits at least a couple of days a week. If I had a new employee that dressed sharply in high quality clothing, I would have a high opinion of that person and consider them someone that cares about the image they project and the company they represent. I would also have an expectation that that individual cares about the work they do and will always do a quality job. However, if they were doing it to simply impress and to put others down, I would be incredibly unhappy with them. Dressing above expectations is not a problem at all if it truly reflects how the person lives and acts.
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria
Relying on a salary of any amount is inherently AAAC.

Thus spake voxsartoria.
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Originally Posted by Metlin View Post
Thus spake voxsartoria.

May his soul be still.
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Wear them. I LOL at new-guys trying to dress like a boss. At least you won't look like a student.
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no one will know.
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Most have issues with suit jacket. Everything else they can tolerate, even dress shirt with a tie, but as soon as you don the suit jacket, they think you're overdressed. Doesn't matter where you are, I'd dress to my environment. There are many nice sweaters and dress trousers that give you that university look without being seen as overdressed.
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Originally Posted by RockJaw View Post
I He said that if certain European cultures (eg New Zealanders) can't bring to the task that same measure of self respect to clean and dress themselves properly, well then how the bloody hell did we expect him to expect people like us who show no self respect for ourselves to then show any respect for anybody else - including HIMSELF? So the hell with what other people think, if you know how to dress properly, and you have the right gear, chrissakes, dress yourself properly then, and fuck everyone else!!!!!
How big of a tugboat was needed to move NZ to Europe? So your friend dresses like that guy?
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Originally Posted by Nicola View Post
How big of a tugboat was needed to move NZ to Europe?

So your friend dresses like that guy?

There's never a watergun around when you need one.
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