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trunk ltd

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How do Trunk Ltd shirts fit in comparison to Rock n Clothing or similar brands?
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Trunk shirts are so hit or miss on sizes that you really have to try them on. I have 5 trunk shirts and everyone fits different. For starters they are based after these 1950's blanks and they are side seamed, so they fit very wierd. Also, depending on which material it is made of effects it too.

I would say just order your size and hope for the best it really depends.

Hope it helps.
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wear rock n clothing or junk food and forget about Trunk
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Wear The Cast and concert tees from concerts you've actually been to or from Breakbeat Science. If you want the music connection, $80 reprints of old concert tees on mediocre tees is not the way to go. Sorry. I usually try to break it gently, but Trunk is to rock as Roseanne is to hot.
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Totally agreed. These shirts don't even sell at half price at Winners.
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