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takeo kikuchi
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
Then you should check out this seller on ebay. He (Jun) also runs and is a very friendly and helpful guy. My shirt arrived from him in 3 days! He doesn't have much left at the moment, but he's getting FW in soon. Also check out ARKnets, but you'll need a proxy. It's all about half the price of stuff on oki-ni. I'm telling you, Haversack is probably the most well-made stuff I've ever owned, although Mister Freedom is tops.

I'll get my Haversack SS chambray back from the tailor tomorrow, so I'll post up a fit pic.

Thanks for the heads up.

Looking forward to seeing your fit. The markups on Haversack at Opening Ceremony and Oki-ni were both horrendous and I think sell-through was quite bad as a result. It'll be interesting to see how long they stick with the brand.

I agree with you about the construction. Totally next level. I have a long coat by them which is insanely
complicated construction wise and yet it's all executed perfectly. Beautiful tailored. Unfortunately, as you said, the cuts and styles don't work for everyone .
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Even the oki-ni Haversack stuff on sale is more than from japan. When I got my shirt, I was looking at the selvage gussets and everything is french seams and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how they sewed it all together.
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SOPHNET. uniforms experiement White Mountaineering Visvim ts(s) Untold
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i wish sophnet was easier to get.
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^ Me too. I'd like to see someone outside Japan pick up Old Joe & Co. and Marchercher as well.
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