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I use Aveda's products, mostly because my gf comes home with a bunch of their stuff - but I do like them.
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Clearly Natural glycerin bar soap applied with a shaving brush does it for me.

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I answered this on the first page thread should have ended. So let me elaborate, unless your name is Patrick Bateman use soap.
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This. No scent, no residue, economical (a dab about the size of a pea will do face/neck). I have used only 2 cleaners for the past 15 years -- dr. bronners for body and kiehl's for face. I spend my money/time on fancy shave soaps and brushes.,default,pd.html?start=13&cgid=face-cleansers-scrubs
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Has anyone tried Indian Clay? It seems like it might be good.
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Not face wash, but has anyone tried this product by Boscia; it is a face mask (wax)

Thinking about it for $27 shipped
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dude.. no offense, but a face mask?! no no no no
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its not easy looking good redface.gif

not using it as a mask though, but as a spot treatment
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ghetto - Never tried Boscia but I'd recommend Anthony Logistics for face masks.
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^thanks. seems more like a clay mask then actual peel, which i am looking for.

if only someone knew what patrick bateman used for his face mask
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TwinLuxe Renewing Face Wash & Scrub

does not dry your face after use. skin is super moisturized too.
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I really like Biore'. Specifically the "Ice Face Wash" but I've never really gotten into many skin care products as others have.



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The thing that bothers me about threads like this is the brand has nothing to do with it. Everyone's face is different and requires different products. There's no one size fits all.
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I started using cetaphil but did indeed start drying out my skin, so I only use water for daily face washing.


I find that alba botanical sea algae enzyme scrub worked really well for my beard dandruff. I would use it after every trim.


damn that is a long link.

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Try this (esp. if you have oily skin), there's a reason every japanese supermarket stocks it. i tried almost all of the drugstore brands...
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