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Tods in Italy

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I have reached a point in my driving moc wearing career where I am ready to try a pair of Tods. I started with Banana Republic, then tried To Boot and JCrew. I was thinking about getting some before I leave for Europe in a month, but since I will be doing some shopping in Milan and Florence, I am going to wait and buy them over there. Am I correct to assume that the models over there will be a little less expensive then the same models in the states? I was going to try the Gommini style moc in dark brown, which retails for $295 in the U.S. Does anyone have any ideas how much less the models over there might be?
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If you are in Florence this is a good and cheaper place to shop.
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They cost from 180 to 240 euro.
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Don't know Tod's in particular, but better brands are usually slightly, but not extremely cheaper at retail in Europe. The advantage is from the VAT refund, which gives a bit more punch to the savings. If you are looking to maximize savings (which it doesn't sound like you are), check at US outlets. If you want to be able to have a cheaper 'full-retail' experience (pick your model, etc), your plan sounds like a good one.
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yes, the price will be less in italy and you get the VAT back

the tod's store at "the mall" (which is the gucci owned outlet complex) does not have the greatest selection the couple of times i've been

you may want to try the new mcarthur glen outlet outside of florence, which just opened in this month (spring 2006)

i have not been and the website doesn't seem to have a list of stores yet but there is a free shuttle service from several spots in florence so that's an option as well to see if a tod's outlet is there in addition to a tod's store in florence itself
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