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Two Korchmar attache briefcases

I have two Korchmar attache cases to pass on; these retail for $500, or are available for $450 direct from Korchmar online. I purchased one of these directly from Korchmar, and the other as a second from a Korchmar dealer (as it seemed too good a deal to pass up at the time, and I always like to have a "spare"!) The first case (direct from Korchmar) is unused; the second has had a few days' use, and is missing the spring in one of the locks' latches. This doesn't affect the function of the lock at all; it just means that the latch won't spring up when the slide to open the case is pushed. This should be an easy fix for a local locksmith.

Both cases are chestnut brown, and shown below:

(Note that the cases that I have are slightly darker in colour than this one--in my view, a nicer shade of brown.)

EDIT: I just realised that this link takes you only to the main Korchmar website. Given this, please just type in "attache" to the search function; I'm offering the 4" attache. This can also be seen in this eBay listing here:

I (obviously) never use these cases, and so it's time to find them new homes.

I'd like $110 shipped in CONUS for the case I bought directly from Korchmar, and $75 shipped in CONUS for the case with the unsprung lock clip. I'll include delivery confirmation on both.

Please PM with interest!