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Dolce & gabbana jeans

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This past weekend I was trying on a pair of Dolce & Gabbana jeans with no inseam measurement and discovered that it was apparently designed for someone well over 6 feet tall, which I am not.  The salesman told me that the jeans are deliberately designed long so that you can cut off the pant leg bottoms for the "flared" look.  Is this right?  It seems a bit silly to me.  I guess that must be part of its appeal . . .
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Depends on the jeans. I have three pairs of Dolce & Gabbana jeans, one is a 32" inseam which is just about right for me (I'm a 31" with regular pants), the other two needed hemming (37" inseam.) If you do get them hemmed, ask for a european style hem (eurohem.) A regular jeans hem doesn't look right.
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He is a SALESMAN.  he was trying to sell you those pair of jeans.  That's annoying because in that situation its hard to tell if there telling the truth or just trying to convince you to buy.  More than likely trying to sell you, because they didnt have those jeans in a smaller length in stock. Why would an expensive designer jean only come in a standard length.
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Expensive designer pants and jeans often come in only one length, with the understanding that, if someone is going to spend that kind of money on a pair of pants, they aren't going to blanch at spending another $10 or so to have them hemmed. (Finer stores will do the alterations for you for no extra charge.) As for "[cutting] off the pant leg bottoms for the "flared" look," it may be a look of the moment, but I personally think that cutting to raw hems on pants looks awful. (Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of jeans so you can look like a homeless person?) I would go for a jeans hem or a standard trouser hem, depending on the type of pants, even if you decide to slash the seam for a deconstructed flare.
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Actually, the cut seam look has been around a while. North Americans are often behind the curve. I first saw the look worn by an Argentinian about 5 years ago, and she told me that they'd been doing that for a while. I personally like it, although I've only done it with one pair of jeans. It lets the back end fray more readily. Of course, the people on this forum know that I'm a big advocate for vintage and deconstructed looks. My real concern is that you're thinking of buying Dolce & Gabbana jeans. If you need to get "designer" faded jeans, go for an indie like Paper Denim & Cloth, Hippie, Frankie B, or even Energie, Helmut Lang, or Diesel. Or get a pair of classics from Levis Red or Levi's Vintage. The Dolce & Gabbana's I saw this last season look like Stephano and Domenico must have stolen the jeans Liberace wore when he was gardening.
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