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How to correct problem of heel slippage?

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I have a pair of black cordovan Norwegian oxfords which are comfortable, save for the fact that my heel slips out slightly when I walk. I have orthotic insoles inside the shoes, probably this causes/contributes to the problem, but I have no problem with a pair of Church's. Can anyone offer advice on how to fix this?


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Heel inserts are easily attached and should fix the problem.
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Whoopee, you're referring to the stick-on strips that attach to the inside vertical heel of the shoe, I assume, not the stick-on heel pads that lie under the heel. The latter would likely exacerbate the problem by raising the heel of the foot, giving it even less contact with the sides and inside heel of the shoe.

I have this very problem with a pair of soft Italian loafers. For me, even the rough suede-finished heel (vertical) stick-ons (or the sponge rubber ones) didn't solve the problem. I still got heel slippage. I tried adding a tongue pad. This helped a little, but didn't completely solve the problem either. I then tried sticking some pads along the sides of the shoe, running beside my heels, which did no good whatsoever. In the end, the most help seemed to come from tightening the fit in the vamp area, which the tongue pads aided to some extent.

So, I'm eager to see some answers here too!
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Yes, Roger, that is what I mean. One of my relatives has been happy with this method for several years or more now.

A cobbler should be able to help with this problem. It is often overlooked, but being friendly with a good, local cobbler is very beneficial to the well shod man.
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