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Can you re-roll lapels

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I have a jacket which appears to have the lapels flattened out. Its a canali and there is no roll. My question is can the lapels be re-rolled? I really don't care for the flat look it looks like it came from S&K.
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Depends on how hard it was pressed. If it has been smash-pressed flat, it may be impossible to remove the crease.
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If the lapels were made to roll, yes. Give them a good steam or bring them to a cleaner or tailor you trust.
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I don't think there is much danger in pressing the lapel roll from the back side with lots of steam and using a pressing cloth (handkerchief) if the fabric seems likely to shine. I've done it on numerous suits. Just pop the collar, flip the lapel out and iron the back side starting at the top buttton. Don't use a ton of pressure, but you can usually get a decent roll this way.
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Yep, press flat from the back side. Dampen the handkerchief (or use a white t-shirt, as I have on occassion) so as you press the wool fabric below gets steamed, too.
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