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Thanks guys. I will be buying a few relatively highend suits between 800 and 2000 each. Sounds like Stanton can be trusted - and just to confirm, he's good with suits and slacks specifically on top of casual wear?
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stanton seems to be well regarded here, but i will say this. i stopped by yesterday (friday) at 11:30 and they were still closed. all the other tailors in the area were open, just something to think about if you plan on going early in the morning. i think they are also closed on sundays. i dropped off 3 chinos and 2 pairs of jeans with express tailors on 92 rivington yesterday. hems are $5 a piece, the cheapest i've found. i'll see how they come out when i pick them up later. a SA from polo recommended them, said that GQ (i believe) used them for their shoots. fingers crossed.
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Deez, how did express tailors work come out?
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I've been to Campos and Campos twice, as they are near to my office. I have had good experiences, but they are pretty expensive.
I once went to Campos and Campos to get a three piece suit cleaned up, an Indochino purchase for my wedding, ordered without time to send it back before the big day (more on Indochino to come in another thread). The pants had work done on the seat, a tough job, but good work. The jacket had a lot of work, two sessions on it. I had to have the fall and stand refitted, which really changed the way it fits on my shoulders and chest, and created a more natural drape. There is still some pooching on the side front seam, but that is because the sleeves aren't all that high. They gave me functional button holes. It had four buttons per sleeve, $10 each, but when I said I would only get three per sleeve because the cost of alterations was getting away from me, he added the fourth buttons gratis. Overall, however, the total was over $300. Still, I am pleased with the suit.

I also got a great heavy wool HS&M three piece, but whoever had the suit before got something very strange done to the pants, making the waist very long and narrow. Again, two visits later, they did what I had thought was an impossible job, salvaging the pants. Again, it was probably $120, so not inexpensive, but work done well.

Are there places folks would recommend around Brooklyn?
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