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What mix of suit styles do people wear?

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I posted about a DB suit, which got me thinking:

If one had 10 suits to wear, in a profession wear a suit was worn 5 days a week, what style mix would one wear?

As in the following:

2-button: 5 days out of 10
3-button: 4 days out of 10
Double Breasted: 1 day out of 10

Within said wardrobe, how many suits would be:

plain in color: 3 of 10
pinstripe: 3 of 10
Houndstooth: 1 of 10
Nailhead: 1 of 10
Prince of Wales: 1 of 10
Window pane: 1 of 10

Above are just my guesses, but I'm sartorially challenged. What do the sartorialist among us say?
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As my own follow-up, for suits one would wear less often than 1 day in 10, how often would you wear it?

Double breasted for example - 1 day in 10? 1 day per month? 1 day per quarter? Never?
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If I had a DB suit in my rotation, I'd wear between 1 and 1.5 days per 10 unless I were in a senior position in which case I'd wear it whenever I felt like it.

The 3B vs. 2B question has implications for the silhouette of the suit. I've yet to find a 3B suit that I think works for me. If both 2B and 3B work for you, great.

The patterns question is an interesting one. Obviously, meeting with clients, etc., suggests something other than the flamboyant windowpane, but those considerations aside, I think I'd choose something along the lines of:

Solid/herringbone: 2/10
Pinstripe: 2/10
Chalkstripe: 1/10
Windowpane: 3/10
Nailhead/sharkskin: 2/10

One's taste evolves, though. I'm sure my answers would be different in a couple year's time.

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Alternate between 3 button and 2 button suits. Some with darts, some without. A few Saville Row style things. Some double-vents. One without vent that I had made up to look like the suit in North by North West.
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If given 10 suits, I'd break them down as such 1 Navy Single breast 1 Navy 6x2 double breasted 3 Pinstripes Single breast. 2 Pinstripes 6x2 Double breasted 1 Windowpane 1 Nailhead 1 Chalkstripe
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I only want to wear solid singel breasted suits, 2 or 3 buttons, (not stripes or double breasted suits), but it´s me.
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