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OK. I had the boss give an arrangement once in a staff meeting in July then verbally again in August that I would get help on quality assurance for a particular piece of software that my team maintains. My quality assurance peer concurs to offer to help and save me a resource.

Except the week before my 2 week vacation, she tries to weasel out of it by saying her team can only do the one part of the software that is undergoing no change. Then 2 days before I leave, she says she has to talk to our boss because she has other priorities. The day before I leave, she's approaching people in my dept to do work her group promised to do and she would coach them.

...oh and the great thing is by the time I get back, we have a one week overlap which I'm sure she will approve nothing and then go on her own 2 or 3 week soiree.
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Originally Posted by KennethB View Post
We have it all here: the nail clipper. the toe tapper. the fight with his wife on the phone guy. the play radio in cube guy. the fat lady who eats smelly food all day. the load marketing guy who wants us all to hear about "organic growth" and "net new logos." Thank God for alcohol.

Whats a net new logo?

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Originally Posted by appolyon View Post
^ what a bitch!

Yes, but Kent is a pussy for not doing anything about it.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang View Post
My co-worker keeps jumping up in my lap while I'm trying to work, swishering her tail in my face and rubbing against me. When I'm trying to lay out some pocket squares to ship out she decides to lay on top of them. Maybe she thinks she's helping but she's so not.

And then she gets awarded employee of the month last month. WTF.

Pics! (Yes, I know it's a kitteh)
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Originally Posted by VKK3450 View Post
Whats a net new logo?

A new account. It's buzzword speak, and only Oakley wearing tool-bags use it.
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New-ish (three months) administrator. I told her to make a one-character change to an item in a software system. She had to print out the email, at which point she came to me to tell me there was no difference between what I told her to change and what she already had in the system. The item in question was an email address. What we had currently was "lmi@". The change to be made was to "lml@".

Everyone in their right mind can tell that's a change from "el em eye" to "el em el".

She didn't realize this until I told her to compare the two email addresses.

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