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Feng Shui

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Anyone know anything about it? I find it very interesting. I am not an expert with baguas and directions and that sort of thing but the topic is intrigueing.

I was reminded of feng shui because of someone's post about having a closet full of clothing. Getting rid of old clothing and clearing out space, opens up positive energy and allows for other / more stuff.

I think it applies to someone's body / physical structure and the clothes they wear. Different shapes of people can manipulate their look through the fitting of clothing (and color) and make their appearances more appealing to the eye.

Also, placing furniture and fitting furniture proportionately to the surrounding area lets energy flow freely through the space. I really think it is true.
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I read that Feng Shui is a way for industrious Chinese to fleece ignorant Westerners.

Bagua does seem like a cool martial art though...
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a lot of what i've heard about feng shui is basic common sense, so i've never had the desire to read more about it.

for example, a feng shui expert will tell you that your office desk should face the entrance. that way you can work peacefully without the subconscious desire to look behind to see if anyone has sneaked into the room. the same principal applies to how your livingroom and so on...

it does sound interesting but it also seems like something you can figure out on your own. and isn't it common sense to get rid of things you don't use in order to free up space?
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