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For those of us in our 20's-30's, I think Jude Law in "Talented Mr. Ripley" was a good example of how to wear a casual navy blazer with brass buttons. While the movie is set in "the ol' days," the gold never stood out (too me).

Maybe its just me.

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Ha! Interesting to see this resurrected. I now own a blazer - well, a navy blue sportcoat - a Brooks Brothers golden fleece bought from ebay seller tarheel. Fit isn't perfect, but I keep it in my office and wear as necessary. Works great.
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I have read all this thread with great interest, and I think that I now know what a blazer is, but I cannot help still finding them boring. I like wearing odd jackets, but I have never found a blazer that I like. Now, I have a question: the last time I was seeing my tailor, I looked for cloth for a jacket, and I found a dark grey cloth with rather spaced, somewhat fuzzy stripes that I liked. My tailor thougth that it would be more appropriate for a suite, and I will probably end up having a suit made, but, my question is, is it appropriate to wear the jacket of a suit as an odd jacket (for example, with some good-looking jeans or similar)?
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Blazers are great (especially if they include things with horn buttons -- not just metal).

They're very versatile and essential for things like striped or slightly pattened slacks.
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I think some of the Blazer conversation is regional...I currently live in the south and have most of my life.

However I spend almost 10 days a month in NY...seldom do i see a New Yorker wear a traditional Navy Blazer (brass buttons, hopsack weave or finer square weave). If you do it is normally dressed down with a Knit of some sort and not with trousers and tie.

I own 3 Navy Blazers...a Gab weave with horn butttons (my favorite), a doeskin with Antique Brass buttons, plus a Basic Polo Squareweave with Brass Buttons that stays in my office for when I have to make an unexpected trip to clients or fly out of town with no notice. I can wear it with anything an it works in all climates.

I have just bought a very nice Textured Black Blazer...a crepe type weave that has potinital to replace the Navy Gab with Horn buttons as my favorite
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Blazers are a outfit option that bridge the gap between formality of suits and let's relax and enjoy the company of fine people without being sloppy.
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If I had to go through life with only three articles of clothing, a navy blazer/sportcoat would be one of them.
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Originally Posted by Quirk
If I had to go through life with only three articles of clothing, a navy blazer/sportcoat would be one of them.

I hope trousers are one of the other two...
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I can only echo the sentiments of other members' posts here. My only suggestion would be to really shop around and get some advice you trust as to what style (DB, SB, vents, no vents) looks best on you, is the most comfortable, the most durable, and most versatile (year-round fabric). Stick with a classic style, stick with navy, and buy the highest quality blue blazer you can afford. It will serve you well. If you're concerned about looking like an old fogey, wear it with a colorful shirt, jeans, and a great pair of monk-straps. Best of luck
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