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I wear Ben silver cotton argyles and the marcolianis (argyles and plain ones) that I bought from Howard Yount. I've worn BR, Gold Toe and whatnot but these two above last quite a bit and come in argyle color combos I like. Not a big fan of "fun" socks - and before someone says it, no argyles are not "fun". I've been wearing 'em for a long, long time.
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No one has mentioned the Nordstrom house brand OTC socks by shoe size!
Great choice of colors and fancies, socks hold up well over time in the wash, the elasitic
does not fade, and the price at $12.99 is great, and even better starting this Friday when they
go on sale!!
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Whatever Cruiser wears. Can't be more than $0.49/pack.
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robert talbott and pantherella
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Duchamp and Bresciani.
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Originally Posted by chison View Post
robert talbott and pantherella

Those suck actually
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Originally Posted by Kookz View Post
For me, it's got to be Smartwool. Cotton is possibly the worst material you could make a sock out of.

They run about $15-20/pair depending on the style.

correct. i bought smartwool initially for skiing and got addicted.
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Originally Posted by ZON_JR View Post
Whatever Cruiser wears. Can't be more than $0.49/pack.

Dangit. My last sock purchase was 26 pairs marked down to $.50 each. Only to be beaten by Cruiser!
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Talbott OTC's both wool and sea island cotton.
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I picked up a pack of gold toes from costco recently. They are navy, with texture and are over the calf. I have put them through a couple washing and they seem like they will be very resilient as others have noted. I like them a lot.

By comparison, last Christmas I was give a nice pair of wool/cashmere socks in my stocking, , and those things lost their elasticity after a handful of washings and have generally been a PITA to wear.
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Resiliency has become huge for me. I'm not going to hand wash my socks, and I'm not going to pay someone to hand wash my socks. If the socks can't go in the laundry pile, forget it. I will say that my Gold Toes, for the most part, have survived their lot in life better than many of the much more expensive pairs I've tried to baby.
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I think you can find good socks all across the price spectrum, but not always attractive ones, luxurious ones, or available ones. I like the consistency of Marcoliani--comfortable socks in attractive colors. Some may say the price is high, but I've frequently been shocked at the poor utility of much higher-priced socks. I tried out an Italian manufacturer this summer that makes for a few huge names in the U.S. Their calf-length socks wouldn't stay up for thirty seconds. The elastic just didn't work.
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My favorites so far are the OTC merino Falke socks from STP. I got hold of a number of non-ribbed ones and they stay up wonderfully, as well as wear very cool in the summer.
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Medium weight, multicolored, heathered woolens that were my dad's. My preference is for multicolored heathers, but they're rare. Heathered socks in one or two tones of the same color are very common. My second favorite socks are linen argyles with a very subtle pattern. Mostly tan with sky blue and light pink. Other than those two, I'm a big fan of Uniqlo and Gold Toe. Here's a picture of some good ones. Sadly, not the linen ones. I can't find them.: ^LtR: wool blend Gold Toe, one of my dad's (I can't find the best pair of those either), wool blend Gold Toe, cotton blend Uniqlo As you can tell, I love heathered socks. Herringbone and other small patters are a close second (well, tied w/ argyles): ^LtR: nylon (I think) vintage, cotton blend Uniqlo I'd love to know a source of medium weight linen or hemp socks. Iammatt recommended Peter Silver, but they seem too thin to me --based only on pictures.
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Marcoliani OTC's for me.
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