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Tux help

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I have a family event coming up. It's a formal event so I need some tux ideas. My date is wearing a yellow dress and I was thinking that I should wear something to make us match a little. I only have the regular black and white. I was thinking maybe a yellow tie with a small yellow handkerchief on a black tux, black vest with white shirt. Sorry, I don't know the tux/suit terms. If anyone has ideas, please help me out.
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You can use colour in the waistcoat/cummerbund, bow tie/pocket square, or boutonniere. The two former options are almost always done tackily, and not recommended. Go the classic route, and put a yellow flower in your lapel.
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If you do anything more than whoopee's flower suggestion, you may as well go "all the way" for a ruffled-front yellow shirt and notch lapels on the dinner suit's jacket. Less really is more. Don't be too cute.
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A ruffled shirt is actually not as hideous a mistake as a notch lapel. Charvet even does colored ruffled formal shirts. Are you fond of quality German glass?
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