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Ralph lauren

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My April 2004 issue of GQ arrived in the mail yesterday. Immediately inside the cover is the ad for Ralph Lauren Purple Label. It shows a single breasted, three button black linen jacket worn with a black polo shirt, light purple pocket square with white polka-dots, "kiwi" (vivid lime) silk gabardine pants, and black velvet slippers.. And that is one of the better looks in the Spring Collection. This prompted me to check out the runway shows at There were a few nice things but mostly my reaction was, 'what the heck was he thinking??' This is kinda sad, as collections in the past few years have, in my opinion, featured a lot of great clothes. Do ya'll think he will sell any of this stuff? They say Purple Label loses money for Ralph. I'd hate to see him keep up this recent trend, as I don't want the line to vanish altogether...
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I saw those collections a couple of weeks ago, and got the feeling that Ralph's picked up on the eighties revival, and run with it a little too far, especially with the Polo line - see the yellow, orange and patchwork-check trousers. Initially I thought that Ralph was just trying the attention-getting runway shock tactics of every other major designer - and that the clothes that actually reach the stores would be a lot less... horrible. But since these have prices on them... Some of the black-and-white stuff is nice, though, as are the colorful shirts with white collars. The suit patterns look to be fairly stock-standard, though - what happened to the peak-lapel single-breasted suits and double-breasted vests?
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You know, I wouldn't mind if the polo was kiwi green instead of the pants.
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this look almost makes me want a db suit.
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Nice suit. However, this makes me want to run and hide: and this and this and this
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It looks like Ralph is pushing the classic WASP look, which is having a bit of a resurgence this year (look how popular Lilly Pulitzer is lately). I'm surprised the kiwi pants didn't have pink or lavender whales embroidered on them. While the kiwi pants will likely be really easy to find on sale (except in Miami, maybe), most of the Purple Label spring stuff won't catch too many snickers. The jacket is rather nice, and i kinda like the slippers with suit look (I wish I hadn't given away my velvet slippers now).
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I think i had this outfit in the 80's (replace the green sandals with green topsiders).
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Holy tacky clothing, Batman.
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were the pants a more wearable color, that outfit would look terrific IMO.
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Just looked at the same issue, and I actually really like the H-Hilfiger campaign. Of course, Hilfiger tried to come out with a higher end line a few years ago, to no avail. I personally think that the only way he has of breaking into the luxury/high fashion market is to go the same way as Nautica did, i.e. to create an entirely new line like John Varvatos, completely unrelated to their main, Nautica line. There is just way too much baggage associated with the Tommy Hilfiger name at this point.
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Hmm- I like the kiwi lime pants...Couldn't wear the slippers, though. I think this is intended for the Palm Beach set...
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I think Ralph made the right call by putting some of the more... shall we say... street worthy clothing towards the front of the slide show -- for the Spring at least. I didn't see much that could've saved the Fall.
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It shows a single breasted, three button black linen jacket worn with a black polo shirt, light purple pocket square with white polka-dots, "kiwi" (vivid lime) silk gabardine pants, and black velvet slippers..
I saw the trousers at the Ralph Lauren store, and the thing of it is that the kiwi color is the best of the possibilities. They also come in lemon yellow, hot pink, and a brilliant purple between lavender and royal. I like the trousers -- they have those D-ring side-cinch thingees -- and I like the way the fabric feels, but those colors. Still, they were very much in keeping with the theme of the season. Bright, brilliant colors in everything, from the bright orange sportshirts to the hot pink linen jackets.
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LOL. the model in A. Harris' first image looks like one of the Redcoats from the Revolutionary War. Apologies to Bengal, of course, and our other fine British friends here.
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Heh, I actually don't mind the kiwi pants or the purple ones jcusey was talking about. I actually have a pair of lavender incotex chinos I got real cheap and wear every so often. I just might have to get a pair when they're on the inevitable discount.
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