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H-F Online Outlet

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Man, those prices are high! 1100 for a 3 button madison, non-returnable? What's the retail on those 1250?

HF suits (madison, canterbury) and something called boardroom are annualy available for 600 (in all sizes and most colors) at the H-F sample sale in NY. They are also regularly available at Syms, occasionally Filene's Basement, etc. There were a lot at Barney's warehouse sale.

I remember the last sample sale people complaining that 600 was way too high a price for the suits. They were fully canvassed, and some had nice pick stitching, so I didn't agree. If you bought 2, the price was 500 each!

The Syms and Barney's models were gray labels, and I forgot what that represents. Maybe it's a replacement for black label?
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