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Bruno - Movie Review

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I got a chance to check out the movie yesterday and I spent the whole time between laughing and cringing. The funny parts are way funnier than anything he's done so far and good or bad depending on your swang the gay parts are umm gayer than anything anyone's ever done before.

Some lady brought her two kids and waited a whole 20mins before walking out. If later on in life her kids decide to be ghey, they will look at those 20mins of Bruno as the tipping point. Its that good.
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You have to wonder where exactly in all those previews ad promo stunts for the film did she think it would be ok to take her kids.
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this movie rocked my world. one of my other friends like it it as well and the other two hated it
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I'm a huge fan of the original show, so I had some hesitations about the movie. It does miss some of those unscripted interview jokes that Cohen is so good at, but I expected this. But in the end, I thought it was absolutely hilarious and over the top. Worth my time.

"all of the stars up there just makes you think of all the hot guys in the world" ... and literally 2 minutes of awkward silence...
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Anyone notice how the christian gay converter's eye bugged out and his voice got soft when he was talking about homosexual oral sex?

I loved it. How the close ups of his dick made it in an R film are beyond me. A few of my favorite scenes were

-Paula Abdul interview on Mexicans

-Anything related to Baby OJ

-Night out with the hunters.
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The swingers party bit was IMHO the best by far. "Look at me, look into my eyes" "Why the fuck would I want to do that?" "For concentration"
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I thought it was freaking hilarious. I thought the scene when the two where locked together in the bondage gear was one of the funnier parts. I am wondering if the dick visible scene's are of a real one or a fake one because there where some scenes where his dick where blurred or have a black bar across it.
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that was awesome! I loved the joke about North Korea and South Korea... not being able to get along. And the landing strip was hilarious.
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Oh and the scene where he is at the phsycic and he asks if he can kill milly.
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Originally Posted by Jokerman View Post
Oh and the scene where he is at the phsycic and he asks if he can kill milly.
that pantomiming at the psychic was a bit too much to watch though - had to stare into my popcorn for a little while there...
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Dont lie. You were trying to think of dead kittens or something you fag.
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Hilarious film, I had to watch some parts through my t-shirt, especially when he's in the hotel room with Ron Paul!.
The funniest part was definitely Bruno miming oral sex and other skills in front of the psychic, rusty trombone anyone?.
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Saw it tonight, hysterical. I was crying during the swinger party scene, and the hunting scene as well. The anal bleaching was lulz.
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Didn't see the movie, but I did see the scene where he assaults Ron Paul--Cohen acts weird, but Paul ignores him. Cohen then pulls down his pants and tries to block the doorway, but Paul pushes past him and leaves. Pretty damn lame.
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Is it just me or Bruno looks a lot like SoCal?
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