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Hey guys

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I've been a frequent reader of this forum for a month or two now and really like. I finally have a reason to post something so I registered. What I've been wondering is where online or in or around the state of North Carolina can I find Versace suits or Gucci suits even? The only remotely close place I know of for Gucci is the factory store in Charelston, SC. Versace on the other hand is a completely different story. Any help would be really appreciated. Peace, Will
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2 Off Saks' in NC (are you a fellow Tar Heels fan? ), but no actual Saks stores, which is what I was going to suggest. I'm not sure if Off gets things like Gucci, but I imagine they would on occasion? I'm not very familiar with Gucci or Versace- certainly not to the degree some here are- so hopefully someone else can help. Here's some info on the Off Saks stores in NC: Concord Mills 8281 Concord Mills Blvd. Concord NC 28027 704-979-6000 Triangle Factory Shops 1001 Airport Boulevard Morrisville NC 27560 919-467-5054
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Not too much of a Tar Heels fan, Im more of an NC State guy. Last time I was in an Off 5th they didn't have anything by Gucci, well atleast that I saw. I suppose I should just go more often since Concord Mills is less than 30 minutes away and they probably do get things on occasion. Peace, Will
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Im more of an NC State guy.
I'm sorry Will, I can no longer help you. JK.
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Well, perhaps I can help. I also live in North Carolina (Charlotte, to be exact) and know of at least one place not mentioned as of yet: Taylor Richards and Conger. At my last visit, they had about a ten-suit collection from Gucci. I do not know if the selection includes anything you would like since Gucci is honestly not my favorite designer but, nonetheless, they are worth a visit because the shop also carry lines such as Kamali, Armani, Zegna, and Abboad. That being said, I think that makes them a worthy look even if their Gucci selection does not suit (no pun intended) your fancy. I have had nothing but good experiences there. And, if I recall correctly, Steve also said that when he visited here a while ago he was treated very well at TR&C. Here is some basic information... Taylor Richards and Conger   Address: 6401 Morrison Blvd Charlotte, NC 28211 Phone: (704) 366-1152 Fax: (704) 364-1152 Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm Sat 10am-6pm Payment Options: American Express Cash Discover MasterCard Visa And, just in case anyone is wondering, I do not work there (I am not trying to pull a Jantzentailor) but, as it is most likely very apparent, I do frequent the shop quite often. Anyway, let me know how your visit (if you decide to do so) went and if you need any other suggestions for any other dilemmas, be sure to make me aware of them.
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I've heard great things about TR&C but didn't realize they carried Gucci stuff. I'll probably take a trip down there around the end of the week to check it out. Peace, Will
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When I went to school in Durham, I used to drive to Atlanta or occasionally Washington for most of my shopping. Between Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza (both right off I-85) in Atlanta there is a Gucci and two Versace stores. Things you won't be able to find in ATL are more interesting designers such as Paul Smith or Etro. Also, a little bit further down I85 is Discover Mills, which as a Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off5th. Peace, JG
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Funny you should mention Phipps Plaza. My friend's father actually owns that center (it is actually named after their family, the Phipps, of course) and some of the surrounding real estate. It is a very good place to shop and, if you are interested in going there, I may be able to scare up some discounts for you. I just thought I would mention that.
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Funny you should mention Phipps Plaza. My friend's father actually owns that center (it is actually named after their family, the Phipps, of course)
Actually, Phipps is a Simon mall, like almost all the malls in the US, including Lenox Square across the street. Your friend's father may have built it and owned it, but then made a mint selling it to Simon, though. That said, if you can scare up some discounts there, I'm definitely game. Peace, JG
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You may very well be right Joe. I know, as of March 2001, he owned it. But, that being said, it being sold may explain my friend's little ventures lately. My friend sold the percentage of the company his father gave him a couple of months ago, and, I am not making this up, went and purchased (with cash entirely) a Mercedes M-Class AMG, among other little treats to himself and his wife. I will have to speak to his father to see if he is subsidizing the center to a management firm or has sold it. I still believe, with the ties they had with the original business owners within the area, I could attain a certain number of family discounts. We will see, won't we? Again, thank you for bringing that to my attention, it seems I am out of the loop. I will hopefully be within it very soon and will let you know what I find out.
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I wouldn't count on TR&C having Gucci, but it's worth a call beforehand. They are very nice people, and treated me very well when I visited there. I didn't see any Gucci at either Off 5th, but this was over the Labor Day weekend, and outlet store inventory cycles in and out pretty regularly. I think there were some limited Versace items at Concord- some ties, and a small amount of sportswear if memory serves. Joe G: Try Andrew in Atlanta. I think you'd really like the store. Here's contact info: Andrew Contact: Andrew Capron, Proprietor 1545 Peachtree Rd. NE Atlanta GA 30309 (404) 607-1747 When I was there (again over Labor Day weekend), they had a nice selection of items from both Paul Smith and ETRO. I was referred there by GQ Lawyer, whose taste as usual is impeccable.
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Try Andrew in Atlanta. I think you'd really like the store.
Thanks Steve. I think I've found my post-LSAT "treat" source on this Saturday. :-) Peace and Eid Mubarak, JG
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Joe: What does "Eid Mubarak" mean?
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What does "Eid Mubarak" mean?
It's a traditional Ramadan greeting, which translates as "blessed festival," more or less. It's roughly the Muslim equivalent of "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Channukah." Allah yubarak feek, Joe.
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