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NYTimes has an article about beards being the new "thing" for guys to sport. Do you guys have beards? I can't go more than a week without shaving, I get too itchy. I do think that George Clooney looks pretty damn cool with a beard though.
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I have had one in the past, but not for years.

The itchiness usually passes.

Note that NYT is usually behind the times, stylewise.

Still, as they note, the scruffy thing is a nice corrective to the plucked chicken look.
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i have a beard a little less than 50% of the time. i grow it out, keep it a couple of months, then go clean shaven for a few months, then grow it out again. i've been doing this since i was 15--never had a moustache or goatee or anything else.

i just get tired of looking the same way every day and facial hair is one way to mix it up a little.

and yes, the itchiness is normal for the first few weeks.
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I'm currently sporting a scruffy look, but I've had it for over a year.

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The beard I'd like to have is Katie Holmes.
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Originally Posted by RJMan
The beard I'd like to have is Katie Holmes.
Does Bert Fields have your new address?
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I've had a beard for a little over ten years. It began as an expedient (not shaving in the field), and I liked it, partly because everyone and his uncle (and few aunts, to be sure) were sporting Van Dykes.

I hate the thought of it, but if beards are becoming trendy, I might have to shave....
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Do goatees count? If yes, I have had one for the last 8 years. Current version is inverse T-shaped
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I noticed this in September, I was at a bar, and these indie dudes played and acoustic set, both had huge beards. Musta started getting cool when Iron and Wine hit the scene.
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I've had a beard for the last several months. Just got bored with being clean shaven. I will say that it has proven quite popular amongst the ladies...I've certainly gotten a lot more attention with it than without.

That said, I'm not sure I will be able to keep it going once the weather gets warm.
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I guess beards are OK if you are protesting the war, capitalism, or hygiene in general. I'll stick with cultivating a respectful, clean appearance by shaving though.
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Currently I have a soul patch, with a buzzed stache and kind of a goatee outline. The chin is shaven.
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I've had a beard for years. I went beardless from early 98 to mid 2000. I do prefer a beard. I think I look better with one. My wife likes it too.
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i've had a goatee for probably 15 years. took a year or two off in the mid-90's to do just a mustache, and then tried totally shaving once - ONCE - in ~2000. never again.

...and i'm a clean capitalist.
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