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In Berlin exit at the S-Bahn station Savigniyplatz for food (there's a ton of restuarants around that area- in case you get to take a trip to Hamburg go to the Sternschanze). It's one station away from Bahnhof Zoo.

You're sending the kid to Winterfeldplatz first? I would think he'd want to go much further east, like maybe Mitte (Barcomi's and such) or the LSE-Viertel. But it has been a while since I've been there, and I guess going to Berlin and not hitting Habibis would be strange. There's also a good Thai place over...I don't remember the street, but it's on the same street at the Washington Post's Berlin bureau.

That said, the Döner-Kepab at the little restaurant in the Onkel-Toms-Hütte (yes, that is what you think it is, and yes, Dahlem was squarely in the American-occupied sector) U-Bahn station is the best in the world, IMO. Mmm...Döner mit einem Schneider und Sohne Kristallweissen, that's a damn tasty little fast-food meal!