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Still, doesn't seem like the new stuff online is really F/W. Though I could see how the plaid shirts might qualify for fall.
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Probably going to see the fall stuff really soon. SA told me that they should be getting some fall stuff next week.
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My friend who works there was opening up boxes of fall shipment and told me there's a bunch more ginghams, Mcalister re-issues with thicker soles, better laces, etc. and a year round urban slim fit chino with lower rise and more tapered opening amongst other things.
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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
I do not like that cardigan, I do not. What is it with all those buttons, anyway?
I can see that sweater being embraced by hipsters everywhere.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
You just need to wear that sweater with: child molester mustache, sideburns, flannel lined skinny jeans, and cute animal sweatshirt for layering.

that was embarrassingly unfunny.
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I want this shirt.

Does anyone have any guesses whether this one is designed to be tucked, as many of the jcrew button ups are (tag at bottom of placket, longer tail etc.)?
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Originally Posted by sonicreducer View Post
that was embarrassingly unfunny.

It was supposed to be sad as it reminds me of something a hipster would wear.
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The internet took this traditional/classic style and threw it into a food processor, chopping it up and spewing it out in tiny little consumable bits, ruining the originality of its style.
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Some of the new shirts look interesting. I like the idea of a year-round urban slim chino. Hope to see that in the store so I can see if it works for me.
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i like that fisherman's cardigan however it does have a lot of buttons
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Pictures of the Superior Labor engineer 2way canvas tote.

Comes packaged in a fabric bag.


Large logo is stamped on the other side.

Picture showing how some of the dyes and oils in the leather have rubbed off into the canvas when it was packaged up.

The hardware is all solid brass. The zipper is a nice sturdy one from Waldes, a Japanese company that specializes in making real deal repro vintage zippers.

Stamped 09SS, serial SL002.

Top view with the cover zipped up.

Unzipped, the top cover just falls down to the sides of the bag and remains unobtrusive.

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Excellent bag porn.
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Wow, very impressive. Not a fan of the repro stamping though. Beautiful bag anyway.
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a bag within a bag, truly we live in interesting times
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