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Neither. Only Chuck Norris.
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Originally Posted by medtech_expat
I've got a bulldog and a cat. I'm definitely a dog person, but several years ago with my ex we picked up a stray cat in Corsica. I got to keep the kids.

With my pending move to Sydney, I've found that the Australian pet importation regulations are the strictest I've ever come across. Even with both of them up-to-date on all vaccinations, there's a quarantine period of "at least 30 days." I'm not willing to put either of them in quarantine for a day, much less for at least a month. Unfortunately, the only alternative is to leave them both in California.

Dunno how I'm going to sort this out.

I'm reminded by the Simpson's episode when they went to Australia...

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Cats and small toy dogs. Pets that you can cuddle.
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Cats. Fo sho'.
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