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15+ year old vintage gortex tnf-x parka
size medium
soft, wind proof, pretty warm for a shell.
has belt around waist, ventilation in back, and about a trillion pockets.
one of the chest pockets linings is torn, can be easily repaired by a tailor for a couple bucks

looking for 75 bucks

vintage izod lacoste light blue and cream/white stripe jacket

size tag has been removed but i would say its inbetween a medium and a large

terry cloth lining, surprisingly warm
would make a great spring jacket
All of the white zippers are perfect
no stains, rips, anything
jacket is in perfect condition

looking for 40 bucks


lacoste forest green (dark) washable wool sweater
size 5

worn once, washed once

looking for 30 bucks

vintage izod lacoste cotton knit sweater
this one is in alright shape, has definitely been worn and feels old i guess
feels like a raw silk knit sweater if you know what that feels like

looking for 20 bucks

wrangler cowboy shirt
extra long tails
single needle tailoring (the shoulders show only 1 line of stitching)
vintage ?

15 1/2 neck x 34
65/35 poly/cotton

looking for around 30 bucks

ralph lauren country red flannel shirt

size small

missing a button near the cuff, not the cuff button, but the smaller one. not noticable at all

looking for around 20 bucks

prices do not include shipping, but with clothing, shouldnt be anymore than 10 bucks

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