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Who is that chick is she famous or something??????
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Some Parisian street styler that keeps getting in mags. Like Sea of Shoes, I guess.
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Originally Posted by why View Post
I don't generally associate with women strictly on the basis of criteria like pelvic thrust:energy dissipation ratio. You've managed to show off your misogyny and homophobia with one sincere post. You're a class act, playa.

Thanks thickems do I win a prize?
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As stated in the OP, when it comes to fashion and style, girls have a totally different mindset than men. Most style oriented men tend to focus on fit as well as quality. Also, as can be seen with denimheads, men are more prone to buying a pair of jeans like APCs and wearing them until they stretch enough to not hug the crotch. As for women, I have never come into contact with a woman who cares about quality as well as fit. I've met girls who are able to complete outfits with correct colors, etc., but I haven't met a girl who has impressed me with her clothing selection. Granted, I'm in college and only come into contact with college aged girls, but that brings me to my main point. Most girls I run into wear a pair of either TR, 7even, or R&R jeans, with some type of top from either J. Crew, Anthropologie, or some other mall brand. I don't think I've ever seen a girl that doesn't have a purse from Coach or LV. In my experience it seems that girls tend to focus only on labels and most of these labels tend to provide an excellent fit for girls to show off their assets. As far as I'm concerned, I'd love girls to continue to wear mall branded jeans as they fit them perfectly. Girls wear labels to show off to other girls, however these labels aren't anywhere near the quality that us men favor. Another downfall to women's fashion is that due to their gender, it is stereotypical for a woman to be involved in fashion. However, as we have seen, most girls don't have any fashion sense and just buy labels.
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^Get to know more than just CWGs.
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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post
^Get to know more than just CWGs.

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Yea, I dressed like shit a year ago, but now that I know a but more about fashion it's funny realizing how horribly dressed other people are.

btw, cheesesteak is your avatar pic supposed to be visually appealing? Cus that looks like barf with something growing out of it.
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It is to me. Or if you've never had a good one or are a vegetarian, then yes it would look disgusting to you. Full pic
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There's something playful and sexy about this. I actually liked this fit so much I apparently kept it in a folder from two years back.
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Originally Posted by db_ggmm View Post
Does anyone know examples like thread, but in reverse? "How would you (girls) like a guy to dress" from a women's fashion forum? I am very, very curious. I've heard this statement before and there are a couple of things I think about it. I apologize for length, but these are my favorite subjects. Firstly, I read disbelief in your statement, as if guys don't know what turns them on, and the reason you would be incredulous is that both men and women (hetero in this example) are often trained to dress for their OWN sex, not the opposite sex. A men's fashion forum populated by men. A women's fashion forum populated by women. Secondly, even when women dress for men (and vice versa), we often get it wrong. One easy example of this confusion lies in the photos that men and women post for the opposite sex in online dating profiles. Women have a tendency to post several of their "going out" bar dresses with make up and hair done to the hilt (maybe nails, too) and I can assure you that nothing appears more fucking undate-able than a women done to the teeth. Guys, same problem - gelmets and shirtless photos, both completely undate-able situations. Thirdly, while it would differ for every guy, to answer the question what exactly is so attractive about a sundress... I think it's the legs. The dress tends to be light and airy, allowing a lot of movement and sneak peaks of the legs from different angles. This destroys swimsuits and shorts. They cannot provide the same level of shifting tease at all. A sundress is also very naturally slimming, no? Emphasis on hips, shoulders, and lower legs, hidden belly. Footwear is also emphasized at the end of your stems and depending on your watcher's fetish the results can be unbearable. I'll cut it short on the graphicness, but a sun dress also implies a level of sexual availability coupled with innocent casualness unmatched by any other outfit.
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post
Holy shit dude, I just like sun dresses cause they're bright, playful, and remind me of good ol' fun summer days...
Originally Posted by DLester View Post
This is it. Overthinking sundresses misses the point entirely. More pics + less yammering + keep it clean + no creepy stuff = epic thread that you will enjoy every time you come back to it.
Please, how was this creepy? I liked his post more than your pointing fingers and accusing eyes. The only ones who should post such things are the ones who haven't looked at this thread. I know, a catch22.
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Somehow this works So StyleForum
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High-Rise jeans look terrible on women.
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Originally Posted by nocoolonesleft View Post
High-Rise jeans look terrible on women.

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Originally Posted by Contingency Plan View Post
I'm not saying their jeans need to be super low rise but seriously the shirt tucked into high-rise jeans is not flattering at all. It's sort of frumpy. For example that last girl, if she wasn't already super hot, would not be able to pull that off at all.
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