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Melbournian here. Also recently joined.

PS. I belive us Aussies have come a long way in fashion and I love it!

Maybe, but there is a long way to go still, especially in the shoe department.
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Canberran here. Also recently joined.
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South Aussie here, in Adelaide.
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Non-Australian, Staying in Brisbane.
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I am currently in Sydney.
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hi all, long time lurker, but i just joined.
west sydney here.
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ARh.. FUK it.. I'm an AUSSIE but now in HKG.

Formerly in SYD.
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I used to be in Sydney, now I live on the Gold Coast, and come down about twice a year.
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In Melbourne. Happy to have a few beers with the lads from Melbourne or other forumnites passing through.
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Whos watching the Ashes? Gonna kick some pommie butt?
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Can't say I watched the ashes.. DTM on 1hd earlier was awesome. What I would do to take one of those for a thrash..
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from melbourne and living in melbourne
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Sydney Northern Beaches...
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mainly a lurker but i'm an Aussie from Adelaide..

and yeah im watching the ashes but swapping between that and le tour..

sbs is good atm
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