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Have you seen this collar?

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I am looking for a shirt to wear to a wedding shower for my fiancee' and me on Sat. night (a "stock the bar" shower given by my groomsmen). As the event is a "trendy formal" event (complete with bartender, pianist, and catering) I thought that I would find something different. So, I go try on some new Paul Smith shirts and the saleperson trys to convince me that the latest trend is a high collar (one that has 3 buttons on the collar). It looked plain awful. Has anyone else seen this look? Any ideas, comments, concerns, etc.?
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I know what you're talking about, I can't see how such a design flaw could be over looked. The most fashionable collar right now is on a slimane for Dior red suit, and it combines lapels with a turned-up color, all, of course, in the ultra minimalist and icey Slimane fashion. It looks amazing on you if you have a clean-cut look, with a slight modernist edge to your hair. --European Interloper
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I like the high collar 2 button shirts, but 3 buttons seems excessive. In any case, a high collar shirt looks best unbuttoned, forming a flattering V. With a tie, I think that a semispread collar is nearly the best choice for nearly everyone.
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