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I've got new brown shoes, can I use darker polish?

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They're Brooks Brothers calfskin wingtips that I bought at the winter sale if that gives you a sense of how brown they are. Can I use a slightly darker polish on them? I wouldn't mind if they were a bit darker. I think it was GQ magazine where I recently read that one should use black polish on brown shoes and black shoes - that seemed a bit odd to me, but I'm no expert.

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Yes, you can. A slightly darker polish will darken them somewhat over time, but the immediate impact probably won't be dramatic.
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Don't start with black - use the next darker shade. GQ is dumb. Clean any excess polish out of the broguing (the holes in the leather) with a toothpick and a Q-tip stick before the final buffing.
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Use the darker brown polish.
Buff them out with the brown brush.
Then hit the toe box and the heel area with the black buffing brush to add a little more darkening to those areas. Regular polishing in this manner will darken them gradually to what you might want to achieve. And keep things under control.
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I polish most of my brown shoes with either black, to darken them, or cordovan, to give them a reddish tint. Black polish works faster than brown to darken shoes. If the leather quality is good, the effect is not dramatic. I did try this with a pair of Gucci loafers, though, and close inspection of the cheap leather shows larger patches of black than I would like. Although it's not noticeable to anyone whose nose is more than 3 feet away, it annoys me. The Gucci's get brown polish now.
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I've used black with good results. However, you should know what the results are before trying it. Also, I've only done it once or twice on each pair; I then go back to browns.

EDIT: I should point out that I've used creams for this, not waxes.
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I'm with j, both on the dark brown polish and GQ's dumbness.

I used a dark brown on a lighter pair of shoes and it worked fine. As others have said, the effect is not immediate, rather you'll have to do it several times. Why rush a good thing?
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It is key to apply polish very evenly, otherwise you may get streaks of the darker polish. I did this yesterday, (darker polish on brown shoe)and had to start over. I use a makeup remover pad and now apply polish in small circles. I was getting lazy before and sorta brushed it on in longer strokes.
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