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the most important thing for me has been to never wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row. I probably wear 2-3 different pair per week.

And when you get home, don't wear your shoes around the house. Walk around in socks or whatever. I never understood western homes that did this, it would mean you are wearign the same pair of shoes for up to 16 hours a day.
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Originally Posted by Full Canvas
Whether the odor is from your feet, shoes, or a combination thereof . . . a solution of sorts was posted here in the weeks leading up to the Great Server Crash early this year.

One of SF's shoe-focused members (who shall remain anonymous) shared the results of an ongoing experiment in shoe bleaching with other members in a series of threads. A dilute bleach solution that, as a side-effect to getting rid of the "hideous" original John Lobb color, also removed the pesky aroma of fine leather from some John Lobb shoes. This might just do the same for not only your prandially permeated pumps, but your funky feet as well. In fact, to save some time, you might consider just dunking the whole mess into a bucket of the six percent solution when you get home from the restaurant. Why bother even removing your shoes?

Clearly, the answer was awaiting you here until the aforementioned server crash! Your feet, your family, and the restaurant diners will be forever grateful to Style Forum.

Quite funny!

Anyway, to address the original posters' concerns, the only time i've ever had foot odor is when I wore running shoes (I'm sure i'd have the same problem in Vans, Pumas, whatever). A full day in those will cause my feet to stink. I never have a problem when I wear leather shoes with leather insoles (which is 99.9% of the time).
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Originally Posted by Renault78law
Wash you feet and wear thin wool socks. If that doesn't do it, try various foot powder and changing your socks midday.

or amputation, it would inevitably get rid of the foot odor
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Put some boric acid (it's like powder) in your shoes. It really works !
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Does the powder do anything to the leather inside the shoe? I imagine not...
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