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Charles Tyrwhitt

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I am thinking of taking advantage of the half off sale from Charles Trywhitt.

I was wondering about the quality of their dress shirts, ties, and shoes.

Thanks in advance.
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Thier shoes are make by Loake, I placed an order 6 weeks ago and have seen no sign of them yet.
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I'm not the first to have said it, but they're something like the British analogue to Joseph A. Bank. I have three shirts with which I'm thoroughly unimpressed and one tie with which I'm only slightly more enamored.
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I have a few shoes - good price for loakes but you can do better. I have a tie which looked better on the website than in real life.
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I bought a few shirts about a month ago, one white and one lilac. When I got them in the mail I was really disapointed. The shirt material is so thin that you can see whatever shirt you are wearing underneath. If I don't hold the lilac shirt up next to the white one, you can barely tell the difference because the color is so weak. I'd stay clear of these, even at 50% off
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If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times, and I'll say it again:

The calf shoes, and the suede shoes are a very good deal. For about half the price of Allen Edmonds you get goodyear welted, calf leather shoes (or suede) in decent if unspectacular styles. For those on a limited budget, CT shoes are a nice way to add different styles without breaking the bank.

I have the suede brogues, and I have worn them very very hard. After a year, they still look pretty damn good.
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I'm surprised the responses have been quite so negative. Usually, they run more along the lines of "Not bad at half off, but I wouldn't pay retail," which is how I feel. I have a couple of Tyrwhitt's herringbone shirts that I quite like.
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I'm also a bit surprised. I've only purchased their chelsea boots, but I think they look rather good and feel exceptionally solid. I think no matter what you're looking at, be it a shirt, tie, or shoes, you can always "do better," it's just a matter of the cost of looking vs knowing what you can currently get.
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I own about 4 shirts, some socks, and a couple ties. I have never bought at full retail (anything from 25-75% off) and I am happy with them. The shirts look very nice, they fit me well (but tend to not fit slim people from some complaints I have read). The ties are fine--nothing special.

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Originally Posted by rdawson808
The shirts look very nice, they fit me well (but tend to not fit slim people from some complaints I have read).

I'm by no means a slender person (5'11" and anywhere from 185 to 190) and the shirts fit me like tents.
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cheap crap - do it with caution.
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Originally Posted by kcgreg
cheap crap - do it with caution.

I think this is overstating the case. The shirts are much nicer than most $40 American department store brands. Can you do better? Yes. Can you do much worse? Yes.
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I have one tie from them that looks better in person than on the web and generates many compliments. I'd buy more ties from them, on sale since they run sales very frequently. Edit: I'm also pleased with the tie's construction. It's much closer to Drake's than Brooks Brothers in construction, hand and weight of the silk.
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All I have are some Loake-made shoes. Pretty decent and, the price of Kenneth Cole supperplasticplatypusbillwonderfootwear, better quality
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Can anyone speak to the quality of CT's suits? I'm thinking of taking the plunge.
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