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My first Edward Green MTO's arrived!

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Hi Gang,

I just thought I'd share with you a fun little moment for me. The Edward Green fairy arrived today and brought two shoe boxes full of goodies. I ordered these on March 31st and they arrived today so right on target with EG's 14 week timeframe.

I must say, I've very happy with both of them! They are both in a size 10/10.5 D on the 888 last. For the Oundle, I requested lighter than normal stitching to provide more of a contrast with the Mocha Suede. The Ladbroke is in Dark Oak with medium antiquing.

I must say that Edward Green's customer service was examplary. I dealt with Valerie who was incredibly patient and informative. A true pleasure to work with.

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Both are gorgeous. Well done
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WOW!!! The suede monkstrap is very very nice! The other is simply awesome too!!

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Originally Posted by Slewfoot View Post
the Oundle

How is this pronounced?
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Lovely indeed. EG suede looks great in the flesh.
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congratulations! both pairs are indeed gorgeous.
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Thanks guys!

I believe it's pronounced "Oh-un-dle"
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Very, very nice. Not perfect as perfection does not exist in this world, but getting close to it IMHO.
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Nice shoes!
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Both look great! Mind my asking why you went with an EG D width instead of their medium E fitting? Iirc, the 888 is not a particularly roomy last; are you a US10.5C?
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sa-weet! i need to get me a monkstrap in suede
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Good choices! I particularly like the suede. Enjoy
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Very nice. Smart choices.
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breath-taking. enjoy them.
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Wow! Thanks so much for all the kind words, guys!

Most of the praise seems to be directed towards the Suede Oundle and justifiably so. I especially dig the contrast stitching I'm wearing them now and they are perhaps the most comfortable shoes I've yet worn right off the bat. Of course, I said the same thing about my suede Newmarkets!

And yes, I fit best into slightly narrow widths such as a UK D and US C. Since they don't make tons of my shoes in that width I have lots of Tacco insoles and/or tongue pads. It's nice to have them perfected from the start with these!

I should also note that EG was able to gently stretch both pairs at a specific point on my left instep where my knuckly sticks out more than on my right foot. Great service!
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