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Just want to share my $.02.  I paid my first visit to W.W. Chan during their tour stop to the Los Angeles area last month and placed an order for a sport coat. After pouring over several books I ended up choosing a fabric from the Scabal Rhapsody book and they quoted me HK$12,800 or US$1,658.


I also sent out a follow up email for pricing on different fabrics and this was their response (for sport coats):




- US$1,301 - 1,421 from the JJ Minis fresco

-  US$1,593 from the Smith finmeresco

-   US$1,421 from Harris Tweed

-  US$1,349 from Harrison's frontier lightweight

-  US$1,217 from Vbc super 140

-  US$1,272 - 1,509 from W. bills donegal herringbone


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^Just shows how Chan's prices have risen in recent years. I bought a jacket from Harrison's Frontier in the fall of 2009 for about $850. As I recall, a two-piece suit was $1,227. That had jumped to about $1,350 on the March 2010 tour. On the fall 2011 tour I paid $1,372 for a two-piece suit from VBC 140. As I have previously mentioned, I still think Chan offers good value, but I am just glad I already have what I have from them
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so - I have had 4 suit commissions from Patrick, and its been a lot of fun. However, I'm (finally) realizing that, at least to my eye, the single pleat and wearing the trousers at my natural waist is very aging on me! I'm 35, am in good shape and am 5'7. but when I wear the trousers in this fashion, I think to most I like about 55, if not older.

I'm hoping my jackets will still work, but am thinking to get new trousers - flat front, no cuff, slim fit. does anyone in the forum have suits cut this way from Patrick? i think after reading about classic men's tailoring for 4 years on styleforum and the London Lounge, that i really took the classic look a bit too far, and i probably look a bit "in costume" when wearing the trousers at my waist!

also, i work in a "young" office, and I've noticed i only get compliments on the more modern trousers. no one comments that the pleated trousers look good on me. i realize many will say not to listen to womens opinions or the opinions of the masses as generally people have poor taste, but i suppose i need to factor in that we are living in 2015, not the 1930s..and I'm not Fred Astaire.

so - question is, have any of you taken a similar journey? if so, have you found the jackets to work with the new trousers you got cut? i am thinking he can slim up the jacket (the jackets don't look very dated, just the trousers to my eye).

anyways, any feedback on the above or the type of trouser that will be more flattering for someone of my stature is most helpful! i looked up GQs best dressed for 2014 as I'm trying to move to a younger look, but a lot of trousers seem too tight! Simon Crompton from A Permanent Style seems to have nicely cut trousers, i would be open to this type cut or perhaps a tad bit more trim!

otherwise I'm thinking to also try some off the rack suits from (gasp) TM Lewin or M&S, just to try and discover the cut that's most flattering to me without spending a fortune on bespoke until i have it nailed down!
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