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Just got a two new suits in that I had previously been asking about here, both in Dugdale cloth. Here is the first one with some shots taken fresh out the box. First a typical SF bathroom shot and then some my girlfriend took when she got home. Also I got some new Thurston braces in the mail the same day, so though I'd try those out, too.

For reference this is my 3rd/4th suit from Chan. I have posted my very first suit here previously. Shirt is also brand new from CEGO, my first from Carl.

Also the angle on one of these shots looks makes me look even shorter than I am (I am 5'6").
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hello gents, just received a Hardy Minnis 9-10oz fresco ii 0511. pictures..

On my other commissions, I requested more classic tailoring, however on this commission I asked Patrick to move a bit more towards a modern cut - slimmer legs, lower rise, slightly shorter jacket. overall, i am finding people think i look "younger" in this new cut. the jacket is similar to my previous commissions, however the trousers seem to really change the overall asthetic. i was very reluctant to move away from the classic cut Patrick nailed down for me, but perhaps its time to move a little with the times! i suppose i can always have wider trousers in time, the jackets will age very well i think.

anyways, bit of a rant..but at 34 and relatively young looking, i think i was spending too much time on style forum trying to nail down the very classic cuts of the likes of Fred Astaire, Valentino etc...
but in the end, I feel the larger trousers actually make me look like a boy in a mans suit to some extent - not the young look i am going for. I have seen some posts on the likes of London Lounge that seem to illustrate how the Duke looks more substantial in large trousers rather than the slim ones of his younger days, but on myself the opposite seems to hold true. i'm 5'8 and about 155 pounds (fairly slim but moving towards an athletic build with the gym) - so i have to be careful - anything too exaggerated seems to really show on my frame.

anyways enough about all this. i wanted to ask for some help on my next commissions. perhaps will help to cover the items i already have..
- JJ Minnis 0317 flannel suit and extra trousers: 16.5 oz
- One dark grey H. Lesser 13oz suit
- One light grey JJ Minnis Flannel Trousers 0200: 14oz
- Holland and Sherry Grey Blazer
- Grey trousers 0328: 12-13oz
- Brown Minnis 0307 blazer with 3 patch pockets
- Blue Fox Flannels one ticket pocket and 2 patch pockets

I was thinking to get an overcoat. Given i seem to be wearing increasingly casual clothing, perhaps something in grey? suggestions welcome!

dinner jacket and trousers
some (thank you Vox) recommended a black from the Thomas Fisher book, from Dugdale. Blacker than some others it seems. i wanted something medium to heavy (want it to wear well) - single breasted, peak lapelled. satin or grosgrain? wanted black silk along the trousers seam..

anyways - way longer a post than i imagined thanks for any help.
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