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Originally Posted by Oxnard View Post
-Got two today in fact from random girls just for my cheap quartz Mondaine watch that I recently put on a Time Factors "Bond Stripe"(grey/black) nato band.
This is creepy, but we own the same watch on the same NATO band. I've gotten a few compliments as well.
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So how do you guys garner these compliments exactly? Do you go strutting around all the chick hangouts, pulling up your sleeve to consipicuously check your watch, etc.?
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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
So how do you guys garner these compliments exactly? Do you go strutting around all the chick hangouts, pulling up your sleeve to consipicuously check your watch, etc.?

Do you REALLY have to ask?

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Mostly I hang out with raccoons who seem to really be into shiny things.
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Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace View Post
As much as I agree with this, it [usually] feels really great when people come up to you and compliment an item of clothing, how you look, your style in general, etc. Not sure I want to brag about that here, but it certainly happens to me and I enjoy it. Of course, I do also get the occasional skeptical/snide comment but I don't give a shit. I go to a pretty small school so basically everyone knows me and they pretty much know what to expect to a certain degree, I guess.

There were some older topics before about how it sometimes gets awkward when people ask you where you get your clothes from and who makes them and you sort of have to make that judgment call about explaining how, well actually, this is made by ____ you've probably never heard of him/her/it....where did I buy it..? Uhh...well there's this boutique in NYC/LA/Japan, or even know, the internet...

Yeah that shit can get messy, Chrono taught me that discretion or playing dumb is usually the best answer.

When people ask about something i am wearing, i almost always just tell them i got it online. Its pretty much always true, and i dont really want to explain much further. There aren't many people around here that would be aware of the brands im wearing anyway, except maybe when i occasionally wear my old nudies.

I probably get compliments on my glasses and necklaces more than anything else. But i also get compliments about my style or outfit in general, moreso than individual items.
A few weekends ago when i was out a couple girls touched/inspected everything i was wearing, even my plain white spring courts.
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I know exactly what I'm getting myself in to with my manner of dress. The clothes I wear work well for my job and my usual social life. Every now and then I have a fish-out-of-water experience (at a place like a suburban shopping mall) which is funny and a bit jarring but absolutely comes with the territory.

I find dressing boldly and uniquely to be a great filter honestly, the sort of people that are put off be it are generally the exact sort of people I'm put off by - suburban whitebread frat boys in this case.

My clothing isn't even that insane

In the SZ post that started this thread I was wearing this exact outfit, except the shirt was Julius not RO.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
i love when noobs join to shit on the very tenets and norms of sf. oh wait, i did that on sz...nevermind.

yeah but they deserved it

i mean, come on

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Originally Posted by RCG Tiburon;2234659



Originally Posted by andyliu52 View Post
people usually like my shoes
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The cute store clerk said she liked my dog when she saw me out walking with him, and that I could bring him into the store sometime to introduce him.
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I got at least a few compliments every time I wore my Raf Simons sweater last winter. Girls compliment my shirts and jackets, dudes compliment my jeans. Old people compliment my shoes. The most common thing I hear about my SFx5EP jeans is basically "Damn I've been looking for jeans like those forever. How much did they cost?" "Oh yea.. err. you know.. they're so old, I don't really remember..."
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Originally Posted by JD_May View Post
If I'm wearing more MC-related stuff (not necessarily suits, but more phatguidoesque style), people who don't know me well often ask where I'm going, on the assumption that I'm dressed up for something. Compliments (or negative comments) on what I happen to be wearing on a given day don't happen that often, a lot of people just don't pay much attention to clothes unless it's really far out there. So, B.son stuff or generic man snakeskin patent shoes get comments, W+H, Rag&Bone and NiCo don't. If wearing normal streetwear I occasionally get a compliment on a particular article of clothing (usually outerwear or shoes). The best compliment is when someone has an overall sense that I generally look good in what I wear without specific commentary on specific outfits. The SZ thread is funny as hell. "I'm shocked that people look at me funny in the mall! All I was wearing was a hoodie and black jeans!" Nothing against the fit itself, but the problem is context... These people see someone like that Christian guy post and go, "wow, he really does well with that style, I'm going to try something similar"... missing the point that they are not in a major urban epicentre of fashion, but in Ohio. This is the oft overlooked problem with directing people to the WAYWT to get a sense of what they might like to wear. It is more of a problem there than here. SF uniform is less contrary to plebian sensibilities.
I agree, I think you need to have some understanding of where you are/where you're going when it comes to dressing up, I don't feel right wearing button up shirts and dress shoes in the outer suburbs where there isn't anything fancy and nobody dresses up, not because there's anything wrong with it, but it just isn't appropriate, there's nothing out there worth dressing up for, cheap restaurants and shifty teenagers. In the city, it's another story .
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In my experience one has a better chance of attracting female attention by having a good-looking dog on the end of a leash than a good-looking shirt on one's back. I kid you not. The womens love a guy with a nice big shaggy, friendly dog. On the other hand, if you're too well dressed, they might think you're of the wrong persuasion.
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For some reason, shoes are what get the most compliments. The brown Puma Speedcats that I wore a few years probably got more compliments than any item of clothing I've ever owned.

People rarely compliment me on my clothes, tbh though. But a few weeks ago some dude at school told me I was one of the best dressed people he knew. He said I reminded him of the Great Gatsby.

Also...yesterday a girl told me I have pretty eyes...
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"Nice shorts, bicycle fag!"
I woke up at 11AM, ate, then did a 4-hour bike ride, so I didn't wear "real" clothes today.
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Honestly, when I see pictures like that I just can't help but think this guy is a nerd who now has an excuse to dress like a ninja and be praised for it instead of ridiculed. I might be wrong, but I can't help think that way. One of the tenents of style that you should never forget is that you should wear the clothes, not vice versa. Shit like the pictures posted on this page (except Magician, he looks great) is veritable truth that some folks have taken it too far, and it's bad for society that there are internet support groups to stop them from feeling bad about dressing like a Jawa.
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