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"Nice ass!"
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Originally Posted by andyliu52 View Post
but if you are on a styleforum you must have some degree of vanity
I think everyone has some degree of vanity and once people start pointing fingers at it, discussion inevitably goes downhill.
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Well, I can give you a few more stories, if you're really interested. My brown/burgundy shoes are the most complimented items in my wardrobe, I can't count how many people have complimented my vintage loakes.. My vintage black coat has gotten a few compliments, along with 'where'd you get that'. My necklace always gets noticed, it's a vintage topaz my mum lets me borrow, she won't give it to me as she paid $300 for it, it has some awesome transparencies in it with layers of brown shardes suspended within it, I'll take a better photo of it one of these days. (sorry no better pictures on hand) My best mate who doesn't care for clothes at all has complimented me on a hoodie I wore once, funny thing is he really resented me buying women's clothes when I told him about how I could never find my size, yet he had to eat his words as that hoodie was a women's, in a pale armyish green no less. My April 77's would always get compliments, one girl even rated them, giving them an "8.5" and then her bf told me she's a real critic so that's quite a compliment coming form her. Even my homophobic friend admitted that they look good, having to eat his words that skinny jeans are gay and shouldn't be worn by anyone (as you might have noticed, I have very opinionated, stubborn friends, sound familiar? ) I had one guy once try to buy a scarf of mine once that I had accidently put down near other scarves of similar appearance, I was flattered but naturally preferred to keep my scarf . Throughout my 'phases' people have definitely noticed my growing interest in fashion, whereby people would say things like "it's the new george" and "your looking very fashionable" and at one point at my old work some of the girls would even ask to have a look what I was wearing on casual friday as they knew I cared and was trying to develop my fashion sense. And yes, criticisms have been made which I acknowledged and for the most part agreed on. Speaking of long-winded posts..
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