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Where to buy a GOOD suit in Seoul

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Hello, I am new to SF and this is my first post.

I'm looking to buy a quality tailored suit. I'm living in Seoul. I have bought suits before in Bangkok (at Magestic Tailor) and had a good experience there, but have never bought one in Korea before.

The suit I want to buy is to wear in my wedding - and I want truly good materials, style and workmanship, as well as a tailor that can communicate alright with foreigners and has a good reputation. I have a pretty good idea about the style, materials, and details of the suit and so I just need to find the right tailor to make it.

Ideally I would spend like $800-$1,300 on this (1 million to 1.5 million won).

I don't want any of the discount tailors in Itaewon, I want a good bespoke tailor (given this suit is to be worn in my wedding). I have heard good things about Segi Tailor, but the sense I got is that a good three piece suit there might be more than I am looking to spend. Can anyone recommend a good tailor in Seoul to do a fashionable (not strangely large or reflective) and quality suit? I really appreciate it.
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Go to Segi Tailor. You can tailor a decent suit at within 1.5 million won range if you can compromise with Korean fabric. (It's good.)

When you go there, you will meet with a young guy named "Il-seok Yoon." Tell him that you're visiting there recommended by a guy nicknamed "Sage" at Style forum. He will do the best he can. I can guarantee the quality.
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The service is really good there. I ordered a bespoke "neapolitan" style suit this month and it will be ready this Thursday. His father is the actual tailor and he did the actual cutting of my suit. I'll hopefully post pics soon. BTW the only reason I know is thanks to sage's advice to another SF member. Thanks Sage!!
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Originally Posted by Kazou View Post
The service is really good there. I ordered a bespoke "neapolitan" style suit this month and it will be ready this Thursday. His father is the actual tailor and he did the actual cutting of my suit. I'll hopefully post pics soon. BTW the only reason I know is thanks to sage's advice to another SF member. Thanks Sage!!

Pics would be great. How many fittings did you have?
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I have had 3 thus far and picking up my suit this week. Usually it is two but you can have as many as you deem necessary.

Word of caution though, the more you are armed with knowledge about clothings, cuts, colour etc. the better you will be served going into tailors in Korea. If not, Koreans will usually make their default style, which is NOT what anyone on this forum I'm sure would want. Just an FYI for you Kingfisher. Do lots of research here and on AAAC for info.
However, Segitailor were very accomodating and very helpful in showing me the steps that they take. I have had bespoke suits made before, so the process is quite familiar with me. We sat down and through his son as translator talked at length about what I wanted. I liked how he listened, pulled out samples to see if this was what I was talking about and spoke frankly enough to make several suggestions that may perhaps be better than my original choice. I do have a pattern cut for me and it is not from an existing one modified (semi-bespoke /MTM i think?) Sorry for the rant haha.
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I should add that there are several sites that are really good for tailoring info. One that I have recently visited is Sator's site take a look there for what to expect, look for. There are lots of technical info but fun if you're into clothings.
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If you know what you're doing (and you better if you want a GOOD suit because you won't get one otherwise) then bring samples if you can, pictures, and make sure to list every single detail. Make sure to check things well during every fitting.

If you know exactly what you want and have the things you need like I said before, then it depends how much you want to spend. If you want the best in Korea, Segi is definitely so. If you want to save money though, you can do what I do. I go to Savile Row and have had a couple suits made there so far. The owner speaks English well enough, and is an overall good guy. Note that you are the one that will need a sharp eye for detail, because like all Korean tailors, their idea of a good suit isn't the same as ours. For the money you said, you could get an imported fabric turned into a suit, or a Korean fabric for somewhere around 500,000 won.

I've heard Hahn's isn't bad either, but I've had a good enough experience at Savile Row. Before I knew anything I had a couple suits done at Paris Tailor. That was a mistake. I'm hoping to salvage those later though.

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I recently made a three-piece suit at Segi Tailor.

I am sure you can find a great yet affordable in your price range at Seki tailor.
I did in fact three fitting at Segi, because the tailor wanted to make sure the suit fit me perfectly after second fitting. I personally am very satisfied with the suit. it is comfortable yet elegant.
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Here are some pics of my first suit from Segi. Sorry about my stiff stance but had long day at work and was exhausted as hell (just wnated to go home despite getting a new suit) . I'll post some detailed pics of the coat and pants later. critique, criticize freely.
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First off, thanks to everyone for all of the friendly and helpful advice. It is much appreciated. Based upon other advice on SF, I went to Lim's (at the Hyatt) to have a shirt made. I did just one at first, to see how it came out. It turned out beautifully. There were two gentlemen working when I was there, the older man who had a good sense of style and a younger man with an okay grasp of English. They took a number of measurements, asked me a few questions, and I stopped back by the following weekend to pick it up. It was packed up and ready. It turned out perfectly. The fit is impeccable, flattering to my body type (I'm tall and relatively triangular). They even matched the pattern of the fabric at the shoulders. The only mark against it are the plastic buttons with "Lim's" stamped on them. Had I known that would happen, I would have asked they use other buttons, but it's hardly a big deal. The stamp is white on my white buttons. On a side note, I visited Savile Row shirt shop by Sejong Art Center - their locks were taped and there was a sign (in Korean above my low level) on the door. It looks closed down. On to the suit - I went to Segi a little more than a month ago. The color I wanted, a tan shade, was not available in a summer weight wool from any Korean manufacturer they carried. This pushed me into a Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 160s wool. Total price for my suit with vest thus was moved to 2.3M won - a good deal more than I hoped to have to spend, but it is a beautiful fabric, so such is life. I had my measurements taken. Yoon, the owner was there. His son was not. His English is limited. I was able to express in broad strokes what I wanted, but I could not make many detailed requests. He had strangely few questions for me about what I wanted - compared with previous tailors who have made suits for me, but I figured I would defer to his greater experience on the issue and not worry. My first fitting was a week later, uneventful enough. My second fitting was another two weeks later, I made a few requests - longer here, shorter there, tighter here, the usual. Again, fine. I went in today - another week and a half later, in theory to pick up my finished suit. It went downhill from there. I could tell looking at it one sleeve was longer than the other. When I put it on, this became very clear. My right sleeve was more than one half inch longer than the left. The tailor on hand, who was not Mr. Yoon, and who I had not seen before, seemed irritated that I was complaining about it. He kept measuring it, like I was squabbling over something meaningless. Anyhow, another week and we'll see how it turns out. Anyhow, we'll see how it comes out next week, nearly six weeks after I had my measurements taken. I'm not sure why my experience with Segi seems to be uniquely poor, but for the money, I think one could find a higher quality of experience and work, without a doubt.
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3 hour plane to Hong Kong. Meet the SF iThug contingent. THey will make you over Queer Eye style. Bringing you to Chan, Baroman, Ascot etc. to get a better suit with half the fittings. Really sorry to hear you had a bad experience.
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kingfisher - Perhaps you should talk to Mr. Yoon about the problems you experienced?
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Well, after a rather bad third fitting, I've returned to SegiTailor and after the forth fitting, it was good to take home.

As my Korean is rather limited, giving my concerns to Mr. Yoon about his associate, who handled me rather coarsely, would be difficult, but at this point, it's all water under the bridge.

The suit turned out absolutely beautifully. I could not have asked for a single detail to have come out the least bit better, in the end.

I will post pictures soon, I went to the forth fitting in a shirt with a point collar (the fitting was at the end of the day, so I was just in a daily grind shirt), and I think that a spread collar and a broader knot will do it full justice.

Even though Mr. Yoon asked me surprisingly few questions, he did a great job creating just the suit I had in mind. It was quite a process, but well worth it in the end.

My advice to those whose handle on Korean is less than proficient, make sure Mr. Yoon's son is available to help with translation, it will make the process a lot smoother. It certainly is a process, but the end product is unique and ultimately worth it.

Pictures to come.
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Looking forward to seeing the pics..Ill be in seoul soon and will be looking for a decent tailor.
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I went into the Savile Row shirtmakers shop in Gwanghwamun today; they are most certainly still in business. They must be doing well, too because they've got a few pictures of Korean celebrity customers taped to the wall (including Lee Byung-Hyun, the guy who played Snake Eyes in the GI JOE movie). There was a rather young guy manning the shop, a Mr. Choi Hosung (late 20s-early 30s?). His English is quite good, and heck, he was a pretty snappy dresser. Prices are between 55K-65K per shirt. They do NOT make suits; just shirts. Definitely going to try them out.

When I asked him to recommend some good tailors, he mentioned that there were a few good ones in Sogong-dong, which is the area by the Westin Chosun near City Hall. Budget permitting, I'm going to give Segi or one of their neighbors a shot when bonus time comes around again.

Itaewon-wise, I've had mixed results:

New York Tailor: My first suit was excellent, but others I bought from them were not that great. Very nice full length cashmere coat for about 600 USD last year.

Alpha Tailor (in the rear of the "International Building" across from the KEB): I'm very happy with the shirts; he's got some nice fabrics in there. The suits are decent quality at decent prices, and Mr. Kim is very eager to have a happy customer. Generally, if a tailor is out on the street flagging me down to come in and buy a suit, that basically guarantees that I'll never be his customer. In Mr. Kim's case ("James"), I'll let that slide since he's a really nice guy.

[Just inside the entrance to that building, there's also a little stall selling "Como House" brand ties and knock-off cufflinks, tiebars, etc. I freaking love Como House ties; really nice silk and very nice patterns for about 9,000 won-- they look just as good as any 200K Ferragamo tie. I don't mind spilling a little gochujang on them at that price ]

Yang's: Good quality shirts, but I definitely chose the wrong fabrics when I went in. He's on the south side of the main drag with his own storefront. Close to the McDonald's.
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