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Suit "shine"

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The empirical data I have collected from perusing here and AA indicates that most common killer of suits is the almost inevitable "shine" that develops on suit pants and to a lesser extent, jackets. It seems that shine can develop from any of the following causes -

- On the seat from sitting, especially on leather.

- On the pockets from putting ones hands in.

- On the elbows of the jacket from putting them on the table/desk

- Anywhere else from excessive/incorrect dry cleaning/pressing.

As far as remedies, the two often most cited is steam and buying two pairs of pants with the suit. I have also heard that a very fine grade of sandpaper could work too, although I have never put that to the test.

Since suits are typically the most expensive component of our clothing budgets, I was wondering if anyone had any more insight into "shine". What exactly is it? Is it simply the fibers being compressed? Is it from heat and chemical change in the fibers? Is it simply the individual fibers being polished by friction?

As far as further remedies, it seems that reducing heat and friction is paramount, but why does steam seem to work in some cases, and is this fix only temporary? Are there any other alternatives not mentioned? Or like many things related to age induced decline, is shine just an inevitable losing battle?
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I would caution against two pairs of pants for a suit, unless you have 3 suits. The only exception are for suits that soil easily in the summer, poplin, seersucker and linen suits work well for an extra pair of pants because you more often find you sling the jacket over your shoulder and sweat in the trousers. Also, these materials retain the perspiration and dirt more than wool does.

Good wool shouldnt shine that easily or that much and you shouldnt be leaning your elbows on a desk. A bad dry cleaner will press shine into your suits. A good dry cleaner that steam cleans and that isnt a fortune is worth its weight in Gold. See Cleaners on 94th street in NYC and Mr. Gee's in Eastchester NY.
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