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Knit Ties and Rules for Pocket Squares

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I'm still feeling out my personal style and confidence on the sartorial front. Building my wardrobe very slowly. Recently I've started thinking more about textures and accents, and have a couple of questions...

First, I'm thinking about purchasing some pocket squares from Mr. Hober. I have a white linen square, but I think its time to add something more interesting. I've read that one should never match pocket square to tie. This makes sense to me intuitively, but what are the traditional rules (if any) for matching pocket squares to the rest of the outfit? And since rules are made to be broken, are there any SFers willing to explain why they do it differently?

Second, I'd love to grab a couple of knit ties--anybody know where I can find a good selection? And if there's a custom component, even better (I'm 5'4", 120 lbs, so the standard size tends to not work for me).

Thanks for the help and observations!
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Check out Kent Wang or Howard Yount for knits. I just ordered a KW knit myself and I'm only a couple inches taler than you so hopefully the length will be good. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=111584 While you don't want your tie and ps to match exactly like you purchased them as a set they should cordinate with your outfit. Usually it works to pull a secondary color out of your tie, shirt or jacket with the pocket square.
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Genius. Many thanks.
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Drakes do bespoke knit ties
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The grenadines from http://www.samhober.com are wonderful and proprietor David Hober has a commitment to customer service.
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