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Shoe Stretching

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Ok, I just picked up a pair of Allen Edmonds tan bucks for this spring. The sizing on these is 9.5B. I've noticed that they are a bit too tight around the balls of my feet. Could a cobbler stretch these to a C so my feet aren't crushed? I really don't want to part with them.
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I defer to more experienced members, but I've been told you can usually stretch one step in width, so a B to a C shouldn't be a problem. I'd say take them to the best shoe guy you can find, and trust him. He's not going to lie to you and ruin a good pair of shoes just to make a few dollars.
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Great advice about using a good cobbler to do it. I bought a pair of great shoes in my size from a known, respected brand. At the end of the day, my feet screamed!

Just took a bit of time for them to naturally stretch. Perhaps, my feet were swollen for a few weeks. Now, they fit perfectly.
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Originally Posted by Connemara
Could a cobbler stretch these to a C so my feet aren't crushed?

They sure could. The difference for a single width is, typically, about a quarter inch in circumference at the ball area. So a small stretch is no problem at all. In fact, if it's just the one spot, let the cobbler know: he/she can put a movable "knob" on the stretcher so only that are gets stretched for the most part.
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