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Shoe Bleaching Project Part II

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Before the crash we were all following Sysdoc's shoe bleaching project. I had a pair of black EG Dovers that I wanted to turn navy blue. Well here they are. They bleached well but the navy application is mixed. Any suggestions to improve the color are greatly appreciated.

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Mixed is an understatement. I hope someone has better ideas than me.
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Interesting. What did you use to do the navy coloring? Any pics of the process?
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Hard to tell much on my monitor, but I think I like the color variations. Seems more interesting than straight-up navy blue.
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I tend to agree, I like the variation.
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The variation looks very coarse. It may look better in person, but I don't think those came out well at all.
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It probably looks better in real life. The flash highlights the creases and makes the variegated finish seem splotchy. It is a good idea though.
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I used Fiebings leather dye for the color. Have thought about stripping the polish and then trying one more coat. They do look better in person. Wore them out one night and got lots of compliments.
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Sorry, but with the flash it looks as if you dropped some paint on your shoes...

I'd strip it off, find a good polish that carries blue (I think Burgol does and Saphire d`Or should be available too) and apply it over a layer of a black foundation. You'll end up with shoes that actually underwent some kind of antiqueing (sp?) and will look good under any light. Besides, you probably don't want people to notice that you have blue on your shoes but just the nice effect on the overall impression.
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