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1) Alfred Sargent for Thin Red Line UK 9.5 Tobacco Suede Chukka

2) NWOB Sanders Made in England 11B Black Wholecuts

3) Allen Edmonds Chocolate Suede "Mora" 10.5D

4) Brooks Brothers Peal & Co Burgundy Chukkas 10D
SOLD Pending payment

5-8) All Ties SOLD

9) Ralph Lauren Black Label Pink with white dots
100% Silk, 3''
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Would it be pssible to have th outside sole dimensions just to confirm approximate sizing please. Particularly interested in chukkas. Thx.
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Almost PM until I notice the #1 are UK sized. Gorgeous Chukkas.
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I like the burgundy peal chukkas, too.

Anyone know if they are true to size?

I've never worn any AS shoes, but I'm a standard 10D on the scales, take 10D on both the C&J 325 last and AE last #5.
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Ill get measurements up tomorrow.

All the Altea ties have been sold. The RLBL is still left.

I'd say the Peals are a longer than a 10, but not a 10.5. A 10.25 if you will.
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Do the first chukkas equate to a 10.5D US?
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Sorry, but the TRL Chukkas and the Moras have been sold. Sanders, the Peals, and the RLBL still remain!
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PM sent on Chukkas
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Sanders sold, Peals sold PP. One last price drop on the RLBL before it goes back in the closet.
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PM sent on RLBL tie. Thanks.
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