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Noob Jeans Question

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Quite noob. When do you get jeans fitted in length, jeans a bit longer to roll, and jeans with flaire?
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I don't quite understand the question. Jeans in my opinion should always be for your correct inseam, unless they're unsanfordized, meaning that they'll shrink once you wash them (and preferably to your correct inseam). Some people like to get taper jeans a bit long, so they can bunch up at the ankles. Others like to purposefully get longer jeans so they can cuff the bottoms, which I am not a fan off at all. Flared jeans is just a style. They look good on certain body types, and I'm not too much of a fan of them, especially now that they've been so overdone. If my jeans aren't straight, they have to have the most subtle of bootcuts.
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I'm confused by this post, but I'll try to answer anyway.

You should only get your jeans hemmed after they have been washed and dried, unless you're very adamant about wearing them unwashed. For jeans with bootcuts/flares, hemming them longer de-emphasizes the flare because the jeans will bunch at the bottom, so for a bigger flare, if you really want it, don't leave too much extra room. The opposite applies to tapered jeans, where hemming them long will emphasize the smaller leg opening.
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