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Originally Posted by Svenn View Post

The latter tend to have the 'I was going a reasonable speed, I'm in front' mentality that plagues much of North American driving.

Yeah, I'm sure everyone drives perfectly where you are from.
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That speed up thing is so common in Florida that you have to pass a little bit extra fast to make sure you get by before they can block you
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Yeah, well, that's Florida. No one knows how to drive there.
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

That speed up thing is so common in Florida that you have to pass a little bit extra fast to make sure you get by before they can block you

I've actually ran a number of experiments on this. If you floor it and blast by people they rarely speed up. If you're on a multi-lane road and one guy is going 40 and another 43? The 40 mph guy is almost bound to start pacing the other guy.
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I don't get why it's hard to grasp that on a crowded, standing room only bus, you need to go as far back as you can to make room for the people boarding. There's always some drooling moron who decides to stand about 10 feet back from the entrance, and doesn't quite understand why the 30 people just boarding are forcefully shoving past them until the driver or another passenger yells to tell that person that yes, you need to move to the back of the damn bus.

Is it really so hard? Nobody likes standing. But what's so goddamn special about that patch of floor that you can't walk back and make room in the front like everyone else is doing?
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The last couple of mornings I have woken up a good three or four feet south of where I was positioned when I went to sleep. I can't imagine how I'm doing that.
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Why spoken Hindi sounds like a language from a Star Wars movie?

I downloaded the Dukes of Hazzard movie, turned out it was in Hindi, and it sounded just like the Jabba The Hutt scenes from Return Of The Jedi.
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Lined seersucker jackets.
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Seersucker jackets.
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I was totally comfortable wearing seersucker when I lived in Georgia (just the jacket, full suit was a bridge too far for me). Now it feels like costume, but I still love the jacket. Dilemma.

Still wear seersucker pants though. Awesome when it's hot out.
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I love seersucker. I wear it just about weekly during the season. In fact, I wore my jacket yesterday, and I got at least one compliment on it from a random person. That said, I'm with Gib - I own the suit, but I wear it as separates. I just can't bring myself to wear the whole deal. I've seen the full suit done very well, but I just don't feel like I could pull it off.

Also +1 to lawyerdad. A lined seersucker jacket makes no sense to me.
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I'm joshin. I think they are fine, but they have to be paired with very sober shirt and tie. When things get too patterny they look like costumes.
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Agreed. I generally wear my jacket with khakis, a blue button-down, and a simple, more casual, tie (if I wear a tie). The pants I wear with either a blue cotton or a white linen shirt. Very simple.

If you try to start mixing a bunch of colors or patterns, it can definitely turn costumey very fast.
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I've always wanted a seersucker suit, but can't bring myself to buy one. Instead I opt for poplin or linen because I'm not sure I'd wear the seersucker.
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Fresco FTW.
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